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Boundless CF / CFX Water Pipe Adapter

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  • OEM Boundless Accessory
  • Fits 10, 14 and 18mm Female Ports
  • Compatible with CFX and CF
  • Adds Purification Capabilities


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Boundless CF / CFX Water Pipe Adapter | Boundless Parts & Accessories

The Boundless Water Pipe Adapter  offers the ability to take on larger clouds and smoother hits through an added level of  purification through water.  The Boundless CFX offers  some of the most consistent clouds out of a mid range portable vaporizer, but the Boundless line up in known to run a little hot, especially in the later draws towards the end of your session.

The best thing about the Boundless CF/ CFX water adapter is that it can work in 10mm , 14mm or 18 mm female ports and is compatible with the CF and CFX Boundless Vapes.

If you are looking to add another level to your Boundless CFX or CF , To the Cloud Vapor Store offers the best price and free shipping on all Boundless Parts & Accessories.



No ratings yet

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