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Ghost Vapes new product

Ghost Vapes New Product Already ?

So it has come to our attention Ghost Vapes, makers of the new blockbuster vaporizer,  the Ghost MV1,  already has something new in the mix. Granted the Ghost MV1 has been in prototype for around 2 years now , the MV1 did just hit the market in mass, so seeing a new product out so soon would very ambitious of the vaporizer start up.

The only information we have at the moment is this picture which Ghost Vapes posted on their homepage and all their social media accounts , Friday October 12th. So let us go ahead and speculate a tad on what it could be the big new Ghost Vapes is waiting to share

.Ghost Vapes new product

Ghost MV1 App Update

The Ghost MV1 app does the trick and  vaporizer apps as a whole aren’t that cool. You need to turn your vaporizer on and change the temperature. The Davinci IQ probably has one of the more advanced apps allowing you to set your vaporizer to change temperatures at a preset time and to be honest not that many people care. Personally I find it a pain to use my phone for a simple increase in temperature. I would much rather just do it all on the vaporizer itself.

For Ghost Vapes to build  suspense ahead of the release  I would guess it is more than some new features on the app or a new software which makes the MV1 colors change. So would likely rule this out.

New Ghost MV1 software updates

New Ghost MV1 Accessories

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer has been creating quite a stir , but most of the focus has been on the vaporizer alone. With the initial hiccups in early production and the learning curve behind using the Ghost MV1, most of Ghost’s attention has been focused on educating customers how to properly optimize their Ghost MV1.

With the improvements in the vaporizer over time and more users being educated enough to assist other Ghost MV1 newbies the company may have been able devote time into growing their product line. Currently Ghost does not have a plethora of accessories so it could be the introduction of a new product line of add ons to accompany your MV1.


Furthermore 3rd party accessories such as water pipe adapters, cases and custom mouthpieces have been rather popular but are also marked up a considerable amount thus providing good margins. We recently saw Arizer come out with their own line of water pipe adapter mouthpieces after seeing 3rd party sellers have success in this area.


It makes sense that Ghost could be building some suspense behind releasing a handful of new accessories and parts given they are lacking in that realm at the moment. I would venture to say if it is some add ons for your MV1 it would have to be a handful of items or one that really let’s you modify your MV1 in a pretty drastic way,  as again building the suspense for a case or a water pipe adapter would be a little overkill.

Ghost Vapes' New Vaporizer

Given how Ghost Vapes rolled out the MV1 over time with a soft release, announcing a new prototype makes sense. Looking at their Instagram post from Friday October 12th  when they posted the secret curtain photo they hashtagged product of the day and vape pen. I may be reading too much into this as they hash tagged head shop as well and IGhost vapes' new product doubt the big news is they are opening a brick and mortar location down in Southern California.

A smaller version of the Ghost MV1 does make sense as the size and weight of the Ghost MV1 make is hard to pick up and pocket at a moment’s notice. It’s a great vaporizer for around the house or on a hike,  but if I am going to the Slightly Stoopid concert I’m packing the PAX 3 or better yet just taking my Puffco Plus with a prefilled cartridge.

I say this because the MV1 was heavily marketed at Slightly Stoopid’s Summer 2017 Sounds of Summer Tour. If going after this demographic of young and hip canna connoisseurs, they’re going to need something more compact and lightweight that can be taken in and out of a pair of board shorts and used for a quick hit in under 10 seconds.


Personally I believe it is going to be a high end accessory or new vaporizer prototype that will again see a soft release to be refined  over time by the Vape Life community to become the block buster hit the Ghost MV1 vaporizer has become. Ghost Vapes has scored  a home run with the MV1 and if they can keep it up will be recognized amongst the ranks of the vaporizer elites ala Storz & Bickel, Davinci and Firefly.

So stay tuned and subscribe to our email list to find out what Ghost Vapes is releasing to us next. We will be happy to share everything we know when it comes available and will add on to this post.





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