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Classic and Digital Model Volcano Vaporizer

Digital vs Classic Volcano Vaporizer: Which One is Best?

We are often asked the difference between the Classic and Digital Volcano Vaporizers offered by Storz & Bickel. Here is a quick run down on the key differences between the two models.

Price of Classic vs Digital Model Volcano Vaporizers

The most significant difference between the two is the price. The Classic Volcano Vaporizer retails at $479 , while the Digital Volcano is $599. Deciding which price is going to work best for you can depend on a few factors, including your wallet. We recommend considering the following differences before making your final decision.

Temperature: Range & Adjustment

Both models have the same temperature range, which average at roughly 270 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. With the Digital Volcano Vaporizer the digital temperature readout gives you pinpoint accuracy for vaporizing your herbs. If you want it specifically at 403 degrees, you can have it exactly at that temperature. You can even adjust between Fahrenheit and Centigrade by pressing both the temp adjustment buttons at the same time.


With the Classic Volcano Vaporizer, you would select your temperature based on the knob. The temperature ranges for the knob setting are shown below.

Classic Model Volcano Vaporizer

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Digital Volcano Amazon

The benefit is purely personal preference. If you feel you need to be dialed in to the exact degree than the digital model is better for you.  We at To the Cloud Vapor Store feel there is no difference in the quality and flavor of the vapor with the temperature plus or minus a few degrees.

Digital Model Volcano Vaporizer
The temperature selection on the digital volcano lets you know the exact degree.

Durability: Know the Limits

Again, these are Storz & Bickel vaporizers. They are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. After all these years they remain the best vaporizers in the world with their durability greatly attributed to their success.


With the Digital Volcano, there is a higher risk that the temperature readout will be damaged when dropped or if the unit is roughly handled. More often than not the unit will remain functional. Damaging the readout can leave you guessing what temperature you are vaporizing at.


The Classic Volcano is encased entirely (besides the temperature knob) in stainless steel. This greater protection all around guards against accidental physical damage.


When it comes to which one is better able to withstand a licking and still function fine, we have to give the leg up to the Classic Volcano model. With the Digital Volcano model, the inner workings and wiring are subtly more complex, causing more to go wrong with it when dropped or hit with force.


Takeaway: If you live in a frat house go with the classic model volcano.


We always  recommend against any rough handling 😉 , just take our word for it. In the unfortunate case you find yourself with a volcano vaporizer that is not functioning Storz & Bickel has one of the leading warranties in the business at 3 years from date of purchase. They will also repair damaged units not covered by the warranty for a very reasonable price. However, for you MacGyver’s out there, it is our opinion you will find the Classic Volcano Vaporizer much easier to repair yourself versus the Digital Volcano should you want to try.

Classic Model Volcano Vaporizer
A peek inside of the Classic Volcano Vaporizer.
Digital Model Volcano Vaporizer
A peek inside of the Digital Volcano Vaporizer.

Warning: Opening up the Volcano will void your warranty.

Aesthetics: Show it Off

Your first high-end desktop vaporizer is always a thing of beauty. You show it off to friends (maybe even co-workers and family 😉 ) with pride. When that desktop vaporizer is a Volcano Vaporizer the wow factor is even greater. Between the two, the Digital Volcano Vaporizer is a clear winner.

Digital Model Volcano Vaporizer
If you're looking to have a marvelous centerpiece of function, we recommend the Digital Volcano over the Classic model.

The Classic Model Volcano can give off the appearance of a piece of industrial machinery.  Although you will love its stainless steel shine, it doesn’t have the added attractiveness of the digital readout boasted by the Digital Volcano.

Ease of Use

Upon receipt of either Volcano Vaporization system, initial learning may be a bit tricky. This is compounded by the valve system as well, but we will get into that later.


With the Digital Volcano Vaporizer you press the red button to turn on the thermostat (heating element) and the green button to trigger the forced air. The temperature select arrows (green buttons) on the side allow you to adjust the temperature output of the heating element.

Digital Model Volcano Vaporizer
The control buttons found on the Digital Volcano Vaporizer.

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer functions much in the same way. The red switch on the left side turns the heater, while the knob allows you to select your desired temperature. The green switch triggers the forced air.


We have to give a slight edge in usability to the Digital Volcano Vaporizer for a few reasons. Once you turn it on and select your temperature you can clearly see when it is ready. With the Classic Volcano there is a small pilot light that let’s you know the unit has reached temperature, but for all intents and purposes seeing the actual desired temp reigns supreme.


Another feature, which gives the Digital Volcano a one up in usability is the automatic shut off. If you accidentally leave the unit on it will shut off after prolonged inactivity. Although this may not be a big deal, don’t be that guy who melts their filling chambers to the Classic Volcano unit’s heating element by accidentally letting it sit on top overnight with the heat on.


We hope we have answered your questions to help you choose what variation of the Volcano Vaporizer is right for you.  Whether it be a Used Classic Model or a spanking brand New Digital Model, at To the Cloud Vapor Store you can always be certain you made the correct choice as we offer all Storz & Bickel Vaporizers with a 90 day trial period. This allows you to try the Volcano of whatever variation, new or used for a small fee and return it if unsatisfied for up to 90 days.

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