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Cleaning the Mighty Vaporizer

Cleaning The Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer remains one of the highest regarded vaporizers on the market. There are no other portable vaporizers which come close to giving you the overall vapor quality you get from the Storz & Bickel blockbuster. Making the best vapor in the game even better, the Mighty is easy to operate and little to no technique is required for getting the best hits from your device. 

To keep your Mighty in tip top shape, frequent cleaning is recommended. How often you need to deep clean the Mighty Vaporizer will depend on what material you vape and at what temperature. Concentrates for example will make your Mighty (and all dual use vaporizers for that matter ) much dirtier. If solely using herbs we recommend deep cleaning the Mighty Vaporizer every 30-40 sessions.

The Mighty has only a few crucial pieces to clean and the Mighty Cooling Unit will account for  the most of these 

Clean the Mighty Vaporizer

Remove the cooling unit by twisting it off from the top. Pull the mouthpiece out using your thumb to apply pressure on the bottom portion while simultaneously pulling up and sideways.

removing the Mighty Vaporizer Mouthpiece

Next pull the sliding (lock/latch) piece forward towards the mouthpiece to remove the bottom portion of the cooling unit from the top piece. 

Mighty Vaporizer cooling unit cleaning

Use a small tool to remove the screens and O-rings on both the top and bottom piece of the Cooling Unit. The O-rings and screens can be thrown into your Isopropyl and sea salt cleaning solution.

WARNING:  It is important to not submerge any of the plastic pieces in this cleaning solution for any extended period of time as it can cause discoloration and warping of the plastics. 

Mighty Vaporizer O Ring Cleaning

For heavy build up in the  cooling unit pieces start with an ISO soaked q tip to remove any excess resin build up and then get the rest by scrubbing with an iso soaked toothbrush to get the remainder . For the mouthpiece prod with an Iso soaked q tip. 

Clean the Mighty Vaporizer

After soaking and scrubbing your O-Rings,  screens and scrubbing cooling unit pieces. Throw them in a pot of boiling water. Strain after one minute and place on a dry towel.

cleaning Mighty screens
Boiling Mighty Cooling unit

With the O-Ring and Mighty Screens removed from the heating element, the herb chamber will need to be wiped out. It is best done with the Mighty Vaporizer on as the heat will work to loosen up any build up. Oftentimes a dry qtip will get the job done but if not turning the unit off and hitting with an ISO soaked q tip will get it good and shiny. You never want to let too much build up go uncleaned in the heating element as it can become permanent and very difficult to remove. It is also important to hold the Mighty upside down during this part as you want the loose particles and resin to fall out of the unit, not inside. 

Helpful Hint: Using the Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules will ensure no major staining of your Mighty or Crafty+ Herb Chamber over prolonged use

Mighty vaporizer how to

To finish off deep cleaning the Mighty Vaporizer you will may want to hit around the ceramic top piece and in the body of the Mighty itself. You can get a great surface level clean with a toothbrush dipped in some isopropyl.  But if you want to get it as clean as possible a pipe cleaner is great to run through the crevices of the body.

This is the same process we use at To the Cloud Vapor Store to disinfect, clean and refurbish the used Mighty Vaporizer we sell.

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