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buy a vaporizer with Cryptocurrency

Buy a Vaporizer With Cryptocurrency

buy a vaporizer with Cryptocurrency

Summary and Rundown

vaporizers and regulations

Whatever your take on the Crypto Craze it does seem that the Crypto currencies are here to stay. Granted Bitcoin itself has taken a rollercoaster down since it’s height of $19000 just a few months ago, it has remained around the $6-$8k mark; by all means an impressive gain from it’s $250 trending price and relative obscurity in 2015. This is not what one would consider stable especially if wanting to classify Bitcoin as a currency. When looking at other security and commodities markets it would be even more insane to call Bitcoin or any of the other top cryptos stable.

Despite the volatile price swings the one thing provided by the Blockchain technology is peer to peer transfers cutting out the middleman . Many regulators argue that the nefarious activities borne from this lack of oversight are bad and they are correct, there are many illegal transactions via cryptos, but there are also increasingly crazy regulations from larger financial institutions and government. The dry herb  vaporizer space is finding itself to be victim of some of the increased regulations , being grouped in with e-cigarettes. 

To the Cloud Vapor Store does not see itself as facilitating harmful and dangerous acts, but recently Paypal told us we were just that and forced our hand in removing Paypal from our website. Before this we had a great relationship with the payments provider and more than half of our customers chose to use Paypal when buying a vaporizer.

And why not use Paypal? It is safe , providing assurance to both buyer and seller and easy, allowing you to checkout with the push of a button. However Paypal is a private company and as much as we hate to see them classify herbal vaporizers as harmful , they are at their sole discretion in doing so.

Paypal and vaporizers

The vaporizer market does carry a more inherent risk compared to other retail goods and even the credit cards providers in the space make sure we are compliant with strict guidelines and even then there is a higher fee associated with transactions compared to your typical retailer of let’s say bicycles or t-shirts. We’re not complaining as this is the way the world works – With any business there is going to be challenges and adversity.


Cryptocurrencies are providing us at To the Cloud Vapor Store a great way to accept payment without having to jump through hoops or spend a million hours trying to get in touch with the right person at a large tech company to explain to them how our vaporizers are being misclassified. To the Cloud Vapor Store has been accepting Bitcoin since we opened our site for business in 2015.

As much as we vouch for cryptos it is important to do your homework as the buyer before  sending off payment. With the limited oversight we mentioned there is no recourse of action should the seller decide to stiff you.


If you are looking to buy a vaporizer using Crypto we currently accept – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, ZCash and more. If you are looking to buy a vaporizer with crypto just drop us a line and we will be able to help you out.

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