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Arizer SOLO 2 best selling vaporizer

Arizer SOLO 2 | 5 Reasons It’s The Best Selling Pure Herb Vaporizer

Arizer isn’t exactly a brand name known to many besides the purist of the herb vapists. Then again neither are Boundless or Firefly. Most cannabis users whether they vape or not are familiar with the Volcano Vaporizer (Storz & Bickel) , PAX and occasionally Puffco for their blockbuster dab rig vaporizer, the Puffco Peak.

However when you start to do some digging  when researching herb vaporizers one name comes up quite a bit – The Arizer SOLO 2. On first approach it doesn’t appear to be anything too special. A large glass tube makes it less than ideal for portability, the unit itself is on the heavier side and not something you can throw in your pocket on a moment’s notice and the aesthetics of the overall shape are less than ideal.

The Arizer SOLO 2  doesn’t have the “hip factor” of the PAX 3, the price point of the Boundless CFC 2.0  or the cult-like following of the Storz & Bickel Volcano. Yet  it beats all three of those vaporizers in a culmination which make the Arizer SOLO 2 the best selling herb vaporizer around. 

Price To Quality Ratio

Arizer SOLO 2 best selling vaporizer

When first released in 2017,  Arizer priced the SOLO 2 at $250 and even here it was considered a relative bargain. Mind you prices were a tad higher on vaporizers back then. Currently the price is $188.99. 25% less than when released. While still expensive compared to some of the entry level vaporizers like the Boundless CFC 2.0 or Flytlab Lift the quality is on par with the higher echelon vaporizers such as the  Firefly 2+, Davinci IQ2. The Arizer SOLO 2 is the best vaporizer for your money. 

Perfect Patio Companion

While you aren’t shoving the SOLO 2 into your pocket and biking over to your friend’s place, it’s still a great vaporizer to hang out on the porch with and pass around with friends (pending they have negative Covid -19 tests). 

A great vaporizer for microdosing,  perfect for SOLO sessions (No pun intended) or packing it full for the backyard or a quick couch session, the SOLO 2 will prove an amazing companion, solo or with amigos. 

best patio or deck vaporizer

It’s easy to use and understand and doesn’t require any nuances in breath technique or bluetooth smart phone integrations. You load, turn on and draw away. If you have no technical know-how or simply want something you can control completely in the palm of your hand, the Arizer SOLO 2 is perfect for you. 

Add Some Aromatherapy

potpourri vaporizer SOLO 2

While the vaporizer is great for herb, it can double as an aromatherapy diffuser and even comes with some Lavender ready to go. Fills the room with some great aromatics for doing yoga or relaxing. 

Built Well with Quality Materials

Arizer keeps it basic and keeps it quality. The Arizer SOLO 2 is backed with a 2 year warranty. The vaporizer boasts a durable body, long battery life and all glass vapor path with a stainless steel heating chamber giving robust clouds and tasty vapor.

Best Selling Herb Vaporizer

You can see why the Arizer SOLO 2 is the best selling herb vaporizer out there, given it’s quality to price ratio and ease of use. A simple formula that has taken this vaporizer to the top spot. 

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