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Fake Firefly 2 vs. Real Firefly 2

The Fake Firefly 2 Has Arrived: Keep Yourself Safe With these Simple Steps

Well it took some time but the counterfeiters have cracked the code on the Firefly 2 , and quite  literally. Up until now bluetooth vaporizers have been safe from cheap knock offs. The closest the Chinese came to a successful run with counterfeiting a bluetooth vaporizer was with the PAX 3, diverting buyers to a different app they themselves created – hardly a success and easy to spot. The bluetooth feature made spotting counterfeits as easy as syncing your vape with your phone, and it made our job much easier, not having to constantly  warn the unsuspecting consumer.

Years after the Firefly 2’s release the counterfeiters have managed to hack the app , permitting the fake devices to pair with the actual Firefly 2 app. What makes this more alarming is the timing and status quo. Given counterfeit Firelfy 2’s have not popped up until now and the uber popular vaporizer has been out since 2016 the assumption is there are no fakes of this model. Furthermore advice we have dimmsementated in the past said simply sync your device to the app, if it syncs , it’s legit.

However not all is lost, counterfeiters make an inferior product and sell it for much cheaper. Riddled with cheap components and corners cut,  the counterfeit Firefly 2 vaporizer is easy to spot. Below are some simple steps to spot and avoid the fake Firelfy 2s altogether.

Check the Serial Number

Fake Firefly 2 vs. real Firefly 2

At the moment the first batch of fake Firefly 2s are not sporting a serial number (on the sleeve of the box or under the battery on the unit). The serial number though is the first refinement of the counterfeiters and the next generation of fake Firefly 2s will more than likely have a spoof serial number. They tend to release the fakes this way so by the time we release this information the next batch of fakes will have serials,making it so someone who skims this article will say, “Oh good, my Firefly 2 has a serial, it must be real.”

The Battery

The fake Firefly 2  battery is not as heavy, not as dark in color and feels cheaper to the touch. However with no reference even the pictures we provide won’t do it  justice. Interestingly enough the battery on the fake was one of the first things I noticed as it doesn’t have the small protracted piece on top allowing for easy removal of the battery with a fingernail, like you get with the authentic Firefly 2 battery.

fake firefly 2 battery


Fake Firefly 2 mouthpiece

The fake mouthpiece has a red band and doesn’t click when placed back into the unit. With the authentic Firefly 2 you will hear ( or feel) the tiniest of clicks when the mouthpiece is seated correctly back into the unit. The plastic on the fake mouthpiece feels a tad cheaper and the metal they used for the particle catcher is a bit more rough in finish and darker in color on the knock off.

Borosilicate Glass

Firefly 2 vapor path fake glass

One amazing feature which gives the Firefly 2 it’s signature taste is the borosilate glass on the top unit and underneath the lid. Your vapor runs through this from the chamber before being corralled into your mouth. Alarming on the fake Firefly 2 is the darker color of the imitation glass, which we are not even certain if it is glass. A quick way to spot this would be to use the lid like a mirror. The authentic Firefly 2 will reflect much like a mirror. The fake Firefly 2 will be very dark and will only reflect a fraction. This is one of the quality control points we were touching on – Gorilla and Borosilicate glass don’t come cheap, so the imitators use an inferior material.

Magnetized Screws

Not being an engineer I am uncertain if there is an advantage to the authentic Firefly 2 having magnetized screws. Albeit if you want to check if your unit is a fake or real, simply taking out the screws and checking their magnetism is a quick way to be in the know.

Herb Chamber

The ceramic chamber on the fake and the authentic are a one for one. Ceramic material is great for vaporizers as it is inexpensive , sturdy and safe. Where the two diverge is the screen / heating plate. The fake again utilizes a much cheaper and less polished metal. We have seen a similar pattern with other knock offs such as the Digital Volcano. The metals used are a less refined dirtier material – a cost saving measure by the counterfeiters which becomes a health risk over repeated use at high temperatures.

Disassembling the Firefly 2

inside the Fake Firelfy 2

Taking apart the unit you can see and feel the differences in quality. The coil for example on the authentic unit is seated by a white plastic piece. Also on the authentic a cardboard buffer underneath the heating element to absorb and redirect heat making the unit more insulated. It comes down to more features which serve a purpose to enhance the Vaporizer’s longevity and function versus corners cut on the fakes to churn out a unit for $25 to sell on Ebay for $229 with a free hat to fool you. 

Fake firefly 2 vs real Firefly 2 vaporizer

Avoid Ebay

We’ve said it time and time again. 99% of the counterfeits are going to be sold on 3rd party sites such as Ebay,  Amazon and Bonanza. The seller’s lie about being authorized. Claim it has warranty, entice you with extras and even have great feedback. (Many of these seller accounts can be purchased with great feedback, but that is a rant for another day)  

Ebay Fake Vaporizers


The short of it is these sellers are not authorized, but Firefly doesn’t have the manpower to scour Ebay all day looking for sellers hucking fakes. If you don’t want to end up with a fake vaporizer your best bet is to avoid Ebay altogether.

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