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Volcano Hybrid Whip

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  • OEM Storz & Bickel Part
  • Compatible with the Volcano Hybrid
  • Connects to the Hybrid Filling Chamber
  • Made of Food Grade Plastics
  • 2′ In Length



Volcano Hybrid Whip | Volcano Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

The Volcano Hybrid Whip connects seamlessly to the Hybrid Filling Chamber,  giving you the option to self start the session or use the fan assist for larger clouds. The whip itself is made of food grade plastics with a silicone hose  and like Storz & Bickel Vaporizers, is constructed with durability in mind. The whip can only accommodate the Volcano Hybrid chamber as the Classic Volcano Chamber does not lock down on the unit causing it to tip over. You can however hold the whip in place with the Easy Valve if you really want to.

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Will the Hybrid Whip Work on the Easy Valve ?

The Hybrid Whip will fit on the easy valve filling chamber used by the Classic and Digital Volcano, however it will require you to hold the easy valve filling chamber with one hand to avoid tipping over. It is not designed or optimal for the Classic or Digital Volcano and only works hands free on the Hybrid Chamber which locks down.



No ratings yet

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