Volcano Hybrid Chamber Reducer

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  • OEM Storz & Bickel Part
  • Updated [2020 Version] Ceramic Coating
  • Dosing Capsule Compatible
  • Reduce Your Volcano Hybrid Chamber Size
  • Easily Interchangeable


Volcano Hybrid Chamber Reducer | Volcano Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

The Volcano Hybrid Chamber reducer is the perfect Storz & Bickel part for those who enjoy using their Volcano Hybrid by themselves for small sessions of only 1-2 hits and don’t want to pack the chamber full. the Volcano Hybrid Chamber reducer can quickly be swapped with the insert the Hybrid herb chamber comes with , allowing you to input dosing capsules or just pack your herb on in direct.


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No ratings yet

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Yes, this is the most updated ceramic coated chamber reducer.

You can read about the update in greater detail here



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