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Switch Sidecar Percolator

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  • OEM Dr. Dabber Glass
  • Compatible with the Dr. Dabber Switch
  • Smooth Percolation and Heavy Airflow
  • Borosilicate Glass


Switch Sidecar Percolator | Dr. Dabber Switch Accessories

The Switch™ Sidecar Percolator is a premium glass bubbler for your Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer. The sidecar  bubbler features a minimalist design with a smooth exterior. This attachment features a large diameter down-stem percolator with six precision slits crafted on each side, allowing for smooth operation with a low possibility of clogging. This attachment provides exceptional function with flower, due to the large bore hole.

The Switch™ Sidecar Percolator performs with smooth percolation and heavy airflow, ideal for both heavy and light inhalers. This attachment is ideal for both flower and concentrate use with the Switch™, due to the large opening preventing clogging, and allowing for easy cleaning.

Enhance your Dr. Dabber Switch experience with the Sidecar Percolator glass for sale at To the Cloud Vapor Store with free shipping.




No ratings yet

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