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Stash9 Smell Proof Storage

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Cloudious9 | To the Cloud Vapor Store


From the all things cannabis brand , Cloudious9  introducing the Stash9, a reimagined storage container for your fresh picked and cured herbs, tailored for craft enthusiasts who appreciate the classic tote design but in a compact tabletop form, perfect for daily use. The Stash9 comes equipped with an innovative humidity slot design, featuring a patent-pending system that ensures precise humidity control, complemented by a complimentary 62% humidity pack. Its advanced features also include a smell proof silicon seal and a removable 3-layer carbon filter bottom insert for effective odor absorption. Elevate your daily routine with this unique accessory and discover a heightened level of convenience and sophistication in your storage solutions.


  • Compact and Stackable

    Stash9 offers the ultimate solution for herbal storage with its compact tabletop design. Its stackable feature optimizes space usage, providing the ultimate organization solution for your herbs whether curing or ready to roll

  • Smell Proof

    With a 3 Layer Carbon Filter – The odor-absorbing insert effectively eliminates undesired odors, ensuring the utmost discretion.

  • Air Tight

    An enhancement over conventional herbal storage, the air-sealed lid guarantees the freshness of your herbs, spices, or other plants The secure latch adds an extra layer of safety, offering you peace of mind by ensuring the secure sealing of your contents.

  • Controlled Humidity

    The humidity pack slots in the Stash9, protected by a patent-pending design,  maintain stable humidity levels, effectively safeguarding the quality and freshness of your stored items. Plus, you get the added bonus of a 62% Cloudious9 Humidity Pack – which comes included.

  • Stash9 Specs

    Measuring 8″ x 5.25″ x 4.75″ and coming it and only 8 oz. in weight, the Stash9 is perfect to stack , store and can even be taken on the go with ease. Lightweight and durable it can store a few grams or even an ounce.

stash9 features



No ratings yet

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