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  • OEM Zpace Laboratories Product
  • Real Time Readout of Banger Surface
  • Screen Illuminates Based on Ideal Temps for Dabbing Effects
  • Dual Sided for Easy Placement of Dab




TERPOMETER (IR) INFRARED LE  | 420 supplies & Accessories

Stop playing guessing games with your dab rig. The Terpometer Dab Rig Thermometer lets you see real time of your actual banger’s surface. The Terpometer also lights up with a green LED letting you know when the optimal time to place your dab in the bowl and go to the cloud.

No extra hands needed. A great added benefit of the Terpometer is the dab pick on the opposite side of the thermometer, so going from temp read out to dabbing can be done with the flick of the wrist. Experience accuracy and precision like never before! Now utilizing our patented RGB color indication along with an infrared sensor. TERPOMETER dab tools provide the perfect temperature dab every time! The First. The Original.



No ratings yet

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