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Saber Dab Tool

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  • OEM Focus V Accessory
  • Makes Loading Dabs a Breeze
  • One Button Operation
  • Multiple Heating Levels



Saber Dab Tool | Focus V Parts & Accessories

The Saber Electronic Dab Tool makes it easy-peasy to scoop and load your dabs in your Carta 2 chamber or any other vaporizer rig;  or even standard glass and torch. The ergonomic design and one button control gives you total control with 0 waste trying to get your concentrates in the proper place whether you are hot or cold loading.

USB-C Charging – The Saber Dab Tool charges fast with a high capacity battery and USB-C charging input. This provides power for plenty of uses and can even be taken on the go without needing to worry about a dead battery.

Interchangeable Tips – Allow you to swap out your dirty and used ones without needing to buy a whole new device entirely.

LED Spotlight – The Saber Dab Tool offers an even better feng shui to accommodate the amazing lightshow you get from your Carta Vaporizer. The Saber’s light lets you dab in the dark with the same press of a button as you use to scoop and drop.

Multiple Heating Levels – Your rosins, shatters, waxes & more all have different viscosities. The Saber comes with 3 different heating levels to accommodate all of them. This offers a clean tip and longevity for each dip n drop.

If you are looking to make your dabbing sessions much easier than just using the standard dab tool , the Focus V Saber will set you right. Get it a the best price with free shipping at To the Cloud Vapor Store.




No ratings yet

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