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Refurbished Solid Valve Starter Kit for Volcano Vaporizer

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  • OEM Storz & Bickel Parts
  • Compatible with Classic and Digital Volcano
  • Cleaned & Disinfected
  • New Lip Tips & Screens


1 in stock

Refurbished Solid Valve Starter Kit | Storz & Bickel Parts & Accessories

In part of our constant effort to accommodate customers across the board we have a limited amount of complete & refurbished solid valve starter kits for the Classic and Digital Volcano Vaporizer. The refurbished solid valve starter kit comes cleaned and disinfected with new screens and new mouthpiece

The Solid Valve Starter kit for the Volcano Vaporization system allows for customizable balloon sizing; large or small, to your preference. Simply cut your balloon material – from the 3 meter roll provided you in each Solid Valve Starter kit -to your desired length and attach.

The Solid Valve balloons can be used for about 30-50 sessions depending on your vaporization temperature. The Solid Valve Starter Kit also comes with replacement screens, allowing you to keep your unit in tip top shape with tasty vapor for years to come.

*With recent regulatory hurdles , Storz & Bickel have  discontinued liquid pads.  Your Storz & Bickel Vaporizer purchase will no longer include this accessory. If you are looking to vaporize extracts, we recommend buying a concentrate vaporizer.





No ratings yet

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