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Ispire Wand

5 out of 5
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  • 1 Year Warranty

Ispire | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Ispire Wand  lets you dab without fire while still using your standard rig. This patent pending handheld induction heater is a nifty little tool for your dabs that let’s you ditch the torch while having full control over your bangers temperature and better insight into your temperature.  The Wand is sleek and sturdy in design and straightforward and easy to use.

  • Build

    The Wand is constructed from a sturdy heat rated plastic composite. The bangers which are included are made of Borosilicate glass and utilize stainless steel rings to attract the heat via induction. The Quartz ring around the Wand’s heating element are what make the magic happen.

  • Function

    The Wand functions via induction heating. The stainless steel inside the glass induction cups heats as a reaction to electromagnetic waves which are given off by the Wand’s heating element.

  • Session

    The Wand is not a vaporizer but a handheld heater. This makes the ideal session open to anything you can think of that offers induction capability.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Wand Induction Heater
  • Angled Banger
  • Straight Banger
  • 2 x Induction Cups
  • Carb Cap
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • 2 x 18650 Batteries (in device)


  • Ditch the Torch not the Glass

    The Ispire Wand is great for anyone who wants to ditch the torch but not the traditional glass rigs. Up until now you have had two choices: traditional torch and rig or electric rig vaporizer. While many are making the switch to uber popular E-Rigs such as the Daab, made by Ispire themselves, many still want the amazing flavor offered by glass dab rigs.

  • Sleek Design & Feel

    Besides the function the Ispire Wand is about as sleek in design as it comes. Appearing to be a device straight out of the future. This is what you would think people use to fire up their rigs 20 years from now.

    To compliment it’s sleek appeal, the Wand is easy to operate with one hand.

  • Using the Ispire Wand

    • Power the Wand on with 5 clicks
    • Select temperature with the temp up or down buttons
    • Click the power button 2 times
    • Place over banger
    • Enjoy when ready

    The Ispire Wand will take about 30 seconds to get your banger ready for your session. Do make sure to use a support tripod or hold in place with your hand while it heats. Attempting to let it rest on it’s own will break your glass’s neck.

  • temperature range

    The wand has a range from 250°F – 800°F . This range will let you take down flower in the lower ranges if you want to vape it. This range is also fantastic for any viscosity of concentrates or if you want to session more for flavor or clouds.

  • Multi Use Magic

    Given the Wand’s expansive temperature range you can use both flower and concentrates. While ideal for concentrates the Wand will accommodate your herb should you want to try it out. For this you are best starting with the lower temperatures and working your way up. If you go north or 350 °F you are going to get a burnt and gross tasting bong load over anything tasty like from the Volcano.

    The Wand can actually heat any conductive material which will fit inside the heating element hole. Exploring the magic of Induction heating is amazing to see , place your finger in the middle of the wand to see it will not attract the heat.


  • Automatic & Manual Mode

    The Wand by Ipsire has two modes in which it operates.

    Automatic mode is engaged by two presses of the button with the unit powered on. This session will disengage 30 seconds after reaching your desired temperature.

    Manual mode let’s you use your Wand by simply holding down the home button. If the unit overheats it will let you know via the LED readout.


  • removeable batteries & pass through charging

    The Wand offers removable 2900 mAh 18650 batteries and pass through charging. While the wand has amazing battery life, the ability to use while charging or change out the batteries only make it better and offer peace of mind that you will never have any down time.

  • Ispire Wand Specs

    Dimensions 7.3" × 5.3" × 1.8" in.
    Weight 1.08 lbs
  • Warranty

    To the Cloud Vapor Store is an authorized vendor of Ispire. Your Wand will come with a manufacturer 1 year warranty.



ispire wand hand



5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • jmacsrus

    What I love most about this device is that it is not what you put your concentrate into so it doesn’t get all sticky and gunky. It only heats up the glass piece but doesn’t actually get hot itself. I’m definitely buying a stand because... holding it there the whole time is just annoying. It works exactly as expected and temp control really makes a difference. I’m also really happy with the company, they responded to my text right away and answered my questions. I received my order very quickly. Recommended.

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