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G Pen Vaporizer

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Grenco Science | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The original G Pen Vaporizer is the most ideal vape pen for the DIY dabber who needs quality and durability on the go. The G Pen Vaporizer provides on demand vapor with the press of a button and is 510 compatible too.

  • Build

    The G Pen Vaporizer is constructed with a durable alloy body and a dual quartz atomizer.

  • Function

    The G Pen Vaporizer functions via direct heating your concentrates with the dual quartz atomizer. with the click of the home button you will be off to the races.

  • Session

    Perfect for on the go the G Pen Vaporizer is small and compact. You are best using small amounts first as to not burn the coils out. Ideal for the solo session and quick hits.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Rechargeable G Pen Battery
  • Dual Quartz Atomizer
  • Loading Tool
  • Wall Charger Adapter
  • USB Battery Charger
  • 2 x Glass Containers
  • Q Tips
  • Instructions


  • Convenient

    The G Pen Vaporizer fits in the pocket, palm or anywhere you desire with ease. At only 5″ in length,  It is your typical vape pen but made by the likes of Grenco Science so you know it will last.

  • On Demand Vapor

    Loading your solid concentrates into the tank and hitting the home button will have you vaping your concentrates with simplicity and ease.

  • Upkeep

    It is important to not overload and to clean the tank regularly. The dual quartz atomizers can burn out if overwhelmed by too much resin so hitting it with the Q tips provided every 5-6 sessions is going to pay dividends.



No ratings yet

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