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G Pen Connect Battery

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  • OEM Grenco Science Product
  • Compatible with G Pen Connect
  • ¬†Three Voltage Settings (3.1V/3.6V/4.1V)
  • 850 mAh

Original price was: $69.95.Current price is: $29.99.

G Pen Connect Battery | Grenco Science Parts & Accessories

The G Pen Connect Battery is a nifty little creation by Grenco Science which powers your G Pen Dab Vaporizer. What makes it so cool is the magnetic attachment that allows it to be taken on and off between sessions, just like passing the torch but a battery instead. It attaches to the side of your G Pen Connect Dab Vaporizer allowing you to control the voltage for tasty to more cloudy hits.

If you need a replacement G Pen Connect battery or just want a back up , To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with the best price and free shipping on all Grenco Science Parts & Accessories.



No ratings yet

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