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DaVinci IQ Spacers

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  • OEM High Quality Glass
  • Compatible with Davinci IQ, IQC & IQ2
  • 2 Sizes to Choose From (6mm &10mm)
  • 7 Air Paths
  • Great Sessions with Less Herb


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DaVinci IQ Spacers  | Davinci Parts & Accessories

The Davinci IQ and Davinci IQ2 Vaporizers are great for many reasons and the larger herb chamber it boasts is definitely one of them. With the Ability to fit .35 grams of herb in your IQ it is one of the largest chambers in the game. However when you want a smaller session the Chamber pearl can only cut down so much area and we all know loose herb in any chamber makes for inconsistent vapor and not an optimal session.


The DaVinci IQ Spacers act as a chamber reducer allowing you to vape smaller amount with ease. The all glass construction and seven air paths do not take away from your vapor production or taste. And with two sizes to choose from you can essentially reduce your chamber capacity in 1/2 or 3/4.¬† The DaVinci IQ Spacers are great for small personal sessions when you don’t want to use alot of herb. Pick up a pair today at To the Cloud Vapor Store.



No ratings yet

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