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Dab Rite Digital IR Thermometer

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  • OEM Dab Rite Thermometer
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Monitor Your Bangers Temp
  • Patent Pending Emissivity Settings



Dab Rite Infrared Thermometer | 420 Tech & Accessories

The Dab Rite IR Thermometer perfects your banger’s temp for your rig every time. This patent pending IR thermometer sits underneath your banger and let’s you know when you hit the your desired temp for the best dab and less waste. It does it with an emissivity setting which can even detect the material of your banger such as glass, quartz or ceramic. The other factor ensuring the Dab Rite IR Thermometer is the high grade industrial sensor which gives the most accurate temperature readout.

The perfect Dab Rig Thermometer, the Dab Rite sits underneath your banger using a flexible reading arm, giving you a hands free experience and even alerts you with sound when it is time to dab.

If you are a novice who needs some help getting the right temperature or you are a dab aficionado who wants consistent temps every time. The Dab Rite IR cannot be beat. To the Cloud Vapor Store is happy to offer the best price and free shipping on your  purchase.


The Dab Rite IR Thermometer comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty 




No ratings yet

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