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Angus Dosing Capsule

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  • OEM YLLVape Accessory
  • Compatible with the Angus Vaporizer
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Great for Micro-dosing and Preloading


Angus Dosing Capsule | YLLVape Parts & Accessories

The Angus Dosing Capsule is a re-usable stainless steel pod which is filled and then fits in your Angus Vaporizer Chamber.  The Angus dosing capsule is fantastic for micro dosing smaller amounts of herb and will give your session an added level of conduction with the heat transfer from the halogen bulb into the metal pod.

The Angus dosing capsule also allows for preloading so you can always be ready to go without dealing with a mess of loose herb all over when you load and unload.




No ratings yet

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