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Easy valve party bag

Make your own Volcano Vaporizer Party Bag


If you have been to a college rager or other funky party where a Volcano Vaporizer is present, you already know it quickly becomes a center for conversation. Guests who are unfamiliar with the iconic vaporizer are quickly spun up on the Volcano:  How it is the world’s best vaporizer, how it works, etc. –  by those with more knowledge on the matter. Bags are filled and passed around the room and the energy of the party suddenly becomes a bit more lifted.


The Volcano is not only known as one of the best vaporizers on the planet, but also a great vaporizer for parties and social events. The standard Volcano Easy Valve bag is 2ft tall and about 8 inches wide. This bag will serve 3-5 large hits and refilling the bag is easy as placing it back on the chamber and hitting the fan. However if your group is a bit larger and you don’t want to deal with constantly refilling and trying to remember the order of who gets next you may want to go XXXL with your own custom 10’ Volcano Party Bag. 

Easy valve party bag

The custom Volcano party bag will deliver a solid 20-25 draws and is a much better option for festivities. With the larger 10’ party bag there isn’t the need to constantly refill and the large bag really does add another social aspect to the atmosphere. It requires teamwork to fill and builds excitement and anticipation in the room as everyone waits for their turn to savor the tasty vapor.

The best thing about changing your Easy Valve and Hybrid Volcano bags is that it can easily be done yourself. There is not much handy work required and by following our steps below you can customize the size of all your Volcano bags from 1 foot to 10 feet and everything in between.

What You Will Need

replace volcano vaporizer bags


The Volcano Solid Valve Bags are open sided on each end. Remove the solid valve bag material and seal off one open end of your balloon bag as if you were just preparing it for normal use. We use a small but sturdy paper clip and seal it down against the bag cutting off any excess with the pliers. You can opt for a zip tie or even just tie it off.

Volcano 10 foot party bag at one end

Now take your easy valve/hybrid bag and remove the pre-attached bag with a small screw driver. You do this by prying the clear plastic piece inside the orange part upwards. Your bag will be attached via an O-ring which is easily removed with the screwdriver. Set aside your Easy Valve O-ring , rubber air flow stopper, plastic ring, orange piece and mouthpiece proper. Feel free to save your old easy valve bag for some reclaim or edibles. 

Remove old easy valve bag

Rolling out the entire ten feet of solid valve bag material place the black O-ring over the end of the bag and and fasten against the clear plastic ring. You want to ensure the larger part of the plastic ring is facing upwards towards the top of the bag when it is filled.

Replace your volcano vaporizer bag

Next take your rubber air flow stopper and line it up with the plastic part on a hard surface. Make sure no excess is in the way of the plastic piece.

making your own easy valve bag

Take your orange piece and push it down on your stopper and plastic piece until you hear a click. From there insert your mouthpiece and dress up the bag a bit with some scissors and voila. You now have your very own 10’ Volcano Vaporizer party bag ready to go for your next big event.

replacing your own easy valve bag

Making your own Volcano Vaporizer Party Bag or just replacing your Easy Valve /  Hybrid bags isn’t all too laborious and doing it a few times you will get it proper. However if you would rather leave it to the pros and don’t want to construct your own bag to get the party started we have pre-made 10 footers ready to ship, so you can get straight to partying.

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