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Looking for Your Next Vaporizer ? Find the Best Vaporizer Site for you

Interested in Buying a New Vaporizer ? Make Sure to Research the Sellers to Find the Best Vaporizer Site for your Needs

So you’ve done your research and narrowed down your options on which vaporizer will be a good fit for your needs. Now comes the time to purchase. You obviously want to find the best bargain, but also make sure you’re buying from a reputable retailer who will ship in a timely manner, provide after sale support and all the other warm and fuzzy things you deserve as a customer for shelling out hundreds of dollars on a vaporizer. You want the best vaporizer site.


Here at To the Cloud Vapor Store as we continue to grow in the vapor space we constantly receive inquiries about the legitimacy of services and vaporizers (ours and competitors) given bad experiences had from other retailers & websites, or fakes purchased from Ebay.


It is completely understandable when seeing a good deal you want to make sure it’s legitimate.  As with any e-commerce market, there are bad actors in the space who promise insane deals, but never deliver. We have received multiple emails & phone calls  from customers who have been had by fake vaporizers all the way to other websites offering a price too good to be true, which turns out to be just that. From negating any customer service to even companies who took the money and never sent anything – we’ve heard it all.

We’re happy to give you a few simple guidelines to follow when vetting an online vaporizer retailer, to give you assurance you are dealing with a reputable company – even if you decide not to purchase from To the Cloud Vapor Store.

Best Vaporizer site

Third party protection – When shopping online it is important to ensure you are shopping somewhere which enlists the services of a well known purchase protection program . Companies such as Norton and Buy Safe protect you against anything from the company failing to deliver all the way to your credit card information being compromised. You should NEVER shop anywhere without making sure a trustworthy company backs the site.



Pick up the phone – Always make sure there is a phone number on display so you can call and talk with a person. I know it’s counter intuitive to the whole of E-commerce concept, but it will pay dividends if you have any reservations. Also It’s a great way to get a feel for the retailer, their customer service and will help you get your questions answered much faster. Now while alot of companies are busy and can’t answer the phone, you can always leave a message.  If it’s a few days before you get a return call, or the phone never gets answered, you may want to look elsewhere


Ask a friend – If you know a friend or family member who has purchased a vaporizer reach out to them and ask them about their experience. This can be the best and most unbiased information you will receive.


Read the reviews –  Nothing screams give me a break like a website posting reviews on it’s own site. If you want real reviews about a vaporizer retailer you should always seek verified 3rd party reviews.

Reseller Ratings and Trust Pilot –  Two of the best, these sites serve as good barometers to let you know how reputable the retailer you want to buy a vaporizer from is. It is important to make sure the reviews are verified. Most reputable vaporizer retailers will have links to their 3rd party reviews on their website.

At To the Cloud we like to brag about being rated the #1 vaporizer retailer on You can find the verification badge at the bottom of our page.

Google – A simple Google of the name of the company followed by “reviews” is a great way to make sure there has been no funny business at the company and that you can rest assured of your purchase.

Best place to buy a vaporizer


Ebay Fake Vaporizers

Stay away from EBay – Ebay is not only a hotbed for fakes but nearly all the manufacturers will not honor the warranty for items purchased (even if they are authentic) from Ebay. You can find this information on the manufacturer’s website in their terms & conditions or returns & warranty section. What is particularly  worse is that many sellers on Ebay market their store & vaporizers as “Authorized Retailers” and “with manufacturer warranty”.  These are outright lies which only hurt you the buyer when you may need to send your vaporizer for repair but are told it is not covered. More often than not too much time has passed and you will not be able to get your money back under the buyer guarantee, only being left with an expensive paper weight.

Contact the manufacturer –  Buying direct from the manufacturer is the surefire way to make sure you are getting the authentic real deal. However as mentioned you are looking at a better deal. The manufacturers may not have a sale going for the specific item you want. Simply dropping the manufacturer a line asking them if warranty will be offered from a certain store will save you alot of headache in the end.


Read the company’s return policy When buying an incredibly expensive vaporizer you want to make sure that they stand behind the items they sell. Simply saying “satisfaction guaranteed” is not enough. Check out what the policy says in regards to satisfaction and returning them if not satisfied. Taking a screen shot of this information as well may help you later once you’ve started to move forward in the purchasing process.

At To the Cloud Vapor Store , we pride ourselves on our 60 or 90 day trial period offered on all vaporizers, so you will always be covered if you need to return your vaporizer for any reason – from dissatisfaction, moving abroad or completing treatment. We feel we are one of  the best vaporizer sites for high end aromatherapy vaporizers out there, but  if you decide to purchase else where, we want you to have the information needed to feel good about the company you choose to give your business to.

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