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Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer

Is the GHOST MV1 Vaporizer The Next Blockbuster Vaporizer ?

Is the GHOST MV1 Vaporizer The Next Blockbuster Vaporizer ?

With legalization rapidly sweeping the country and more and more health benefits being discovered from Cannabis and Vaporization it is to no surprise more and more are seeking to cash in on the “green rush”. It seems there is a new vaporizer on the market almost monthly, but the big name brand juggernauts with their solid reputations still continue to expand their market share in an ever growing competitive space.


Breaking into the ranks to be among companies such as Arizer, Firefly, Storz & Bickel and DaVinci are what the competition is seeking to accomplish. This is easier said than done and many times a newly released vaporizer falls victim to it’s own hype.


Bud the Vape critic
Bud AKA the Vape Critic has the Ghost MV1 rated as the best overall vaporizer


At the time this vaporizer has not been released to the general public and only one top reviewer has laid hands on the Ghost MV1. So why all the suspense for the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer ? It has to come down to one man. Bud, A.K.A the Vape Critic, has the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer rated as his highest overall vaporizer to date.  


As a retailer we have suppliers and manufacturers calling us all day, hyping a certain vape in hopes we’ll bite and put in a big order. With the Ghost MV1 the hype is coming from a top YouTube Vaporizer Reviewer and influencer.




From what we can see there is good reason Bud rated the Ghost MV1 so high, but let’s not forget, Bud has skin in the game here. Bud is the only vaporizer influencer to have been allowed to try the device and he gets a cut of every referral sale. There have also been rumors (which are unsubstantiated as of now) that he was involved in the design aspects of the Ghost MV1. So it’s safe to say his review may be a bit bias when calling the Ghost MV1 the best vaporizer ever. All that aside the man reviews a good vape and he should be compensated when you buy a vaporizer through watching his reviews. So let’s dive into the what we know so far about the design of the Ghost MV1. 


To start out it is a solid built vaporizer with an alloy shell and the air intake is constructed of medical grade silicone. Cutting to brass tax though, all high end quality vaporizers are made sturdy and of good material. The divergence seen with the Ghost MV1 and other high end vaporizers is in the mechanics of operation. 


Here is a little tad bit about how the Ghost MV1 operates.

Outside (cool) air flows in air intake valves and passes down the unit past the heat sink and herb chamber (not through, but by) this will cause it to heat up by proximity. The moment the incoming air hits the coil heating element it becomes super heated (hot)  air. The hot air hits a stainless steel plate which fragments the heat dispersion causing even heat distribution to your herb ( no need to stir and repack mid-session). This process turns your herb to vapor which passes through the heat sinks holes and then takes the longest path physically possible ( via a maze route pattern)  before it enters the glass mouthpiece and finally your mouth.

Ghost MV-1 vaporizer diagram

The diagram above really does show you how in theory this would make for some of the best vapor around. To date I have not seen a convection vaporizer which fragments incoming heat to ensure an even bake of your herbs or one which with such an engineered inner build to optimize air flow (decreasing draw resistance and increasing vapor production) and cool the incoming vapor at the same time. Mechanically speaking this thing has some serious optimizations which the current best portable convection vaporizer ( Firefly 2 ) doesn’t have.

As for the rest, well we will see once we get our hands on it. It is hard for us to give our own seal of approval  until we have tried it. Calling it the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) maybe a bit premature and by doing so is setting the bar really high and putting the reputation on the line of those who hyped it so much. 


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