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The Fake PAX 3 is Now in Circulation: Find Out More Here

Warning: The Fake PAX 3 is Now in Circulation

While the fake PAX 2 still floats around the net being sold mainly on Ebay and pop up sites like V4therapy.com the fake PAX 3 was nowhere to be found. This makes sense as bluetooth integration would require access to PAX’s serial number database and outfitting counterfeit devices with PAX software would be nearly impossible. I mean sure the government of a Superpower nation could pull it off, but a factory in China that pumps out low cost clones? Not  a chance.

FAKE PAX 3 vs. Authentic PAX 3
Fake PAX (Left) Authentic PAX (Right)


However when fakes are what you do, fakes are what you do and to the surprise of many, or maybe no one at, the counterfeit PAX 3 is now a thing. So how can you prevent yourself from being victim of the inferior counterfeit ? Thankfully it is easier than you think.

Verifying Your PAX 3 in One Easy Step

To save you some time and from you reading this whole blog post and getting mad at me for not stating this right off the bat. The fake PAX 3 will not integrate with your PAX  smart phone App. The easiest way to figure out if you got a fake PAX 3 is to pair it with the app. If it won’t pair or sense the device, you got a fake. This is really great and makes it nearly impossible for the fake PAX 3 to proliferate like the fake PAX 2 did.

UPDATE: As of October 2018 the Firefly 2 App has been hacked by Chinese Counterfeiters and the PAX 3 App Could be Next. Until Recently bluetooth vaporizers have been relatively safe from counterfeit. 

Thankfully with the advent of bluetooth technology implemented in the new smart vapes (Davinci IQ, Firefly 2, Crafty, PAX 3 etc.) counterfeiters are having a harder time knocking them off. That is not say one day it will not change. The manufacturers of Chinese counterfeits read these blogs and make adjustments all the time. This is their lifeblood and if there is a way they can make a fake more like the real deal, they’ll spend night and day doing so.

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Why is the Counterfeit PAX 3 So Bad ?

The knock offs of all variations seek to cash in on the authentic product by cutting costs on design and the raw materials used to build said device. The makers of fakes also need not adhere to the same strict regulations placed on American companies for vaporization devices. So you are left with a vaporizer that doesn’t need to meet certain regulations and is comprised of inferior raw materials.

With the fake PAX 3 when we opened it and turned it on, it felt like a much cheaper vaporizer compared to the real model. The packaging was flimsier , the haptic feedback felt like it was being powered by a spring and worse the fake PAX 3 emitted a burning plastic odor when powered on.

The fake PAX 3 oven lid
Fake PAX Oven lid (Left) Authentic PAX Oven lid (Right)

They say the counterfeits are a 1:1 copy made in the same factory. If this were true they would be made with the same plastics, metals and other raw materials in turn costing much more. Below you can see a picture of the fake PAX 3 half pack oven lid. The plastics are more brushed and the lid is much less dense. 

But Really How is the Vapor ?

For safety reasons we do not know. As mentioned above the smell of burning plastic was enough to scare us from trying it out. That being said , these units will vaporize along with many other cheap vaporizers. All that is needed is to heat the plant to a certain temperature and you will get vapor regardless of the quality of the device. The issue here is the byproduct given off with that vapor. 

Avoid Ebay , Amazon and 3rd Party Seller Sites

Thankfully most of the fake vaporizers today are sold on Ebay and Amazon  which gives customers the ability to return counterfeits under buyer protection policies. This leaves Craigslist the only viable option for alot of the scammers who wish to peddle counterfeiter vaporizers. If you see deals on Craigslist too good to be true, you can always make sure you check the app integration on the spot. That will let you know if it’s fake or not. However being that it is new it only makes sense the seller would want to get paid before you go and open up a box. It’s harder to sell something as new when the seal is broken.

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