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Misconceptions about herbal vaporizers

Common Misconceptions About Herbal Vaporizers

Clearing the Air: Common Misconceptions about Herbal Vaporizers

As most anyone who’s used one will probably tell you, using an herbal vaporizer can be an incredibly simple, yet effective method of dry herb consumption. The problem is that these products sometimes get a bad rap for one reason or another. As well, many people nowadays tend to lump them into the same category as e-cigarettes, liquid vaporizers and other concentrated vaping products. In fact, the two aren’t really the same at all, which is why it’s important to clear up some of the common misconceptions many people have about herbal vaping.


 1) Vaporizers are a Huge Waste of Herbs
One of the most common misconceptions, this statement actually couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, using a vaporizer is generally by far the most efficient way to use your herbs. When using a vaporizer, the heating unit heats up just to the point where all the active ingredients in the herb are released without getting hot enough to actually burn any material.One major problem with smoking most herbs is that they don’t actually burn fully, not to mention the fact that many of the active ingredients are wasted in the lost smoke. This is what makes vaporizing such a great choice, as it is estimated to release twice as many active ingredients compared to smoking.

By continually being able to heat up the herbal material without burning it, you can ensure that you use it in the most efficient way possible and get everything out of it you can. Not only that, but the leftover material can also be used for other needs. Just toss them in when making herbal oils or tinctures, or even when you feel like doing a bit of baking or cooking.

The lack of burning material obviously eliminates the problems of the other dangerous chemicals associated with smoking. However, a decent vaporizer ensures that you don’t need to burn or otherwise ignite the herbs to enjoy their full effects. While this may not necessarily be true of some of the cheapest models made by some unknown Chinese company, a good quality vaporizer should ensure that all the active ingredients in the herb are fully released.


2) Vaporizers are Unhealthy

Compared to smoking, vaping is by far a healthier alternative. In fact, it is estimated that vaping herbs produces approximately 95 percent fewer carcinogens than if the same herbs were burned. The fact that there are some carcinogens means vaping isn’t 100 percent healthy. Nonetheless, it probably won’t lead to the range of bronchial and upper-respiratory issues smokers often face.benefit of herbal vaporizers


3) Vaporizers Don’t Produce a Smell

Another quite common misconception about herbal vaporizers is that they don’t produce a smell. This is somewhat true in the sense that the smell doesn’t even begin to compare to the smell of smoking. However, the herbs do still produce a smell as they heat up and the vapor begins to release. This is true whether using a portable vaporizer or any other type.

The various molecules from the herb produce an aroma that tends to smell like the fresh herb itself when you first begin vaporizing it. From there, the smell eventually turns into something that resembles burnt popcorn. However, these molecules dissipate much quicker than smoke. This means that the smell shouldn’t typically last for more than a few minutes, especially if the area is well ventilated.


4) Herbal Vaporizers Are the Same/Different Than E-Cigs, Liquid Vaporizers, Etc.

This is a bit of a strange one, as on one side you have those people who think that herbal vaporizers are just another part of the e-cigarette craze. On the other hand, you have others who prefer liquid or concentrate vaporizers because they think they’re somehow superior to herbal vaporizers.Misconceptions about herbal vaporizers

In fact, both groups are wrong. First of all, herbal vaporizers have been around much longer than all of these other vaporizer varieties. In fact, it was advancement in vaporizing technology that allowed these much smaller products to be made. Nowadays, there are a range portable vaporizers and pen-style vapes that are basically the same size as many liquid vaporizers. It’s also still possible to find many of the larger, more powerful plug-in styles.

In terms of the overall output, this all depends on the design and heating unit. However, the fact is that herbal vaporizers and liquid vaporizers are quite different things and work in different ways. Herbal vaporizers are designed to heat the herbs up just to a certain point. This ensures that you can continually vaporize the herbs until all of the active ingredients are released.

E Cig vs. herbal Vaporizer
E Cigs (and other juice vapes) will produce large plooms you will not see when using herbal vaporizers


Nonetheless, it takes much longer to fully draw all of these molecules out of an herb than it does to vaporize a small amount of liquid. When vaporizing a liquid, the heating unit can rise to a much higher temperature as there is no need to worry about anything burning. If these same high temperatures were applied to your herbs, they’d simply catch on fire.

What this means is that you generally won’t see all that much vapor when you exhale. Still, this doesn’t mean that it’s not working, as you’ll soon realize.


5) A Vaporizer is Just a Vaporizer

This last misconception relates to quality more than anything else. The overall vaping craze has seen the market absolutely flooded with products, ranging from low end of junk to high-tech gadgets that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If there’s one piece of advice that anyone thinking of buying an herbal vaporizer needs to know, it’s that quality definitely matters.

There’s no doubting the fact that the high-end like Firefly, PAX and Storz & Bickel generally provide far superior performance. This doesn’t mean you need to rush out and spend your entire paycheck on the fanciest, highest-tech product you can find. What it does mean is that you’d be better off doing a bit of research and finding a decent model instead of just buying the first cheap Chinese portable vaporizer you see online.

Like all things in life, you’ll get what you pay for. However, given the huge variety and complexity of herbal vaporizers currently available, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your choice. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to pick up your vaporizer from To The Cloud Vapor Store, as you can always return any vaporizer under the trial period  should you find it’s not your thing.

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