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Optimize the Original Firefly Vaporizer

Simple Steps to Optimize the Firefly Vaporizer

A Few Simple Steps to Optimize The Firefly Vaporizer with the original Firefly Vaporizer no longer being produced and the required smartphone integration on the Firefly 2, the original Firefly has seen a resurgence in popularity. A blue tooth free vaporizer means less potential software complications and not having to sync the original Firefly with your smartphone (like one must do with the Firefly 2) makes for easier operation.


While the original Firefly is a no brainer for quality vapor it requires some trial and error when using. The appearance and design give the Firefly Vaporizer a false sense of easy usability. On the surface, it appears about as easy as it gets – Open the top, put in your herb, close it up and press the button on the side. Bada Bing, Bada Boom … Vapor.


However many quickly learn that getting your desired results is not this simple. In fact, the Firefly Vaporizers have a rather high learning curve. However, if you follow the simple steps outlined below you will be a pro in no time.


The Grind – The Firefly prides itself on being a true convection vaporizer. This means your herb is only vaporized when hot air passes through (via your draw). That being said the heating chamber is very close to the heating source, like a conduction vaporizer. Because of this, you will need to grind up your product to a medium-fine coarseness.  A more refined grind allows more surface area to be impacted by the heat releasing more active ingredients, thus giving you better more and better vapor.

Although you want a medium grind, you don’t want to pack with kief or a grind so fine that you end up taking in herb particulate in your mouth. A medium to medium-fine grind will do the trick. 


The Pack –  You want to make sure your blend stays in place throughout your session. The pack is just as important as your grind because of the tendency the herb has to move around in the chamber after drawing if not pressed down into the chamber well enough.

Fill the chamber at least ½ to ¾  the way full. Having the chamber ½ to all the way full and moderate pack will help greatly to keep your product in place.

Original Firefly Vaporizer Pack
Ensure to firmly pack your herb




Liquid pads – If you only want to fill the chamber ¼ of the way or less for a draw or two, use a liquid pad to place over your herb. The liquid pad will serve as a filler keeping more of your herb close to the heating element making sure your herb is not shifting all over the place in the chamber.

Firefly Liquid pads


The Heat up – The biggest misconception about the Firefly’s on-demand capabilities is that they are instant. When you press the power button on the Firefly it does cause a coil underneath the chamber to get very hot right away – 400 degrees (F) in 10 seconds. However, this heat does not distribute throughout the chamber and into your herb immediately.



Preheat – To get the best vapor draws out of your Firefly we recommend to preheat it for one full cycle (30 seconds) with or without the herb in the chamber before drawing. The Firefly Vaporizer’s heating element will automatically shut off after holding the button for 30 seconds.

Preheat the Original Firefly Vaporizer




Stir – To avoid any combustion during your session  use a stirring tool every few hits to move around and repack your product. You will notice that when you repack the volume of your original herb will have diminished some. Repacking it firmly will ensure you continue to get good draws.

The Draw –  Low and slow is the way to go. Drawing too rapidly or with too much force can cause your product to shift in the chamber.  Also as you’ve applied a moderate packing pressure to your herb, pulling short and fast will make you think you’ve packed in your herb too tight.

Battery – To ensure prolonged functionality we recommend you upgrade the battery from the 750 MaH most original Firefly Vaporizers come with to a 770MaH Battery Which come with the Firefly 2 if you have not already. The upgraded battery will provide better power and thus better heating.


If you’re looking to try out the Firefly Vaporizer we have you covered. Our new and used Firefly Vaporizers come with a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade-ins for store credit 





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