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Firefly Vaporizer Wall Adapter

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  • OEM Firefly Accessory
  • Free Shipping
  • Adaptable to any USB
  • 120 Volts


Firefly Vaporizer Wall Adapter | Firefly Parts & Accessories

Looking to charge your Firefly 2 a bit faster ? The Firefly 2 Wall Adapter makes charging a breeze by plugging into any US power outlet and juicing your batteries with 120 Volts. The Firefly 2 wall adapter will charge about 25% faster than using the conventional Firefly 2 charging dock. Better yet the Firefly 2 wall adapter is compatible with any USB chord, so should you find yourself needing a USB adapter  for your Iphone it can do that as well .


Free Shipping 

If you are looking for Firefly 2 Wall Adapter , we at To the Cloud Vapor Store have you covered with OEM Firefly  products and free shipping.




No ratings yet

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