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Volcano Vaporizer Best Vaporizer

What Makes the Volcano Vaporizer the Best Vaporizer ? Defining an Icon

Whether you are a new to vaporizer and doing research, a long time vaporizer enthusiast or a patient undergoing treatment and have been told to look into a vaporizer, if you’ve heard of vaping you probably know about the the Volcano Vaporizer. 20 years later and The Volcano is largely considered  the “Best Vaporizer in the World.” With the vaporizer industry evolving and new companies and products hitting the market the Volcano Vaporizer remains the standard by which other vaporizers are judged. So how much of this is hype created by the Volcano being first to market and how much of this is the truth ?  Is the Volcano Vaporizer really the best vaporizer ?

20 Years and Counting

Gold Volcano vaporizer

in 2021, Storz & Bickel celebrated their 20th anniversary release of the Volcano Vaporizer with the special gold edition release. This accomplishment is even more astounding if you break down the fact the Volcano basically spawned the vaporizer market and has seen countless competitors of other desktop vaporizers like the Herbalizer and Vapir come and go. 20 years of ruing the roost.

So is the Volcano Vaporizer the Best ?

In our honest and expert opinion we say it is definitely the best desktop vaporizer. Yes there are other vaporizers (portable, e-rigs) which surmount the Volcano Vaporizer in certain aspects, and it is not the only amazing vaporizer, but overall the Volcano Vaporizer is the perfect culmination of what make it the standard at home herb vaporizer. So what makes the Volcano the best ? 


volcano vaporizer diagram

 The Volcano Vaporizer is engineered and made in Germany and Storz & Bickel more than live up to the German engineering standards The build is sturdy and highly efficient. Volcano Vaporizers from 2006 are still getting the job done today nearly 25 years later. The Volcano does come with a three year warranty, but with the longevity, the warranty of the Volcano is a moot point. The Volcano is constructed with the highest grade aluminum alloy heat exchanger (having a melting point of 5000 degrees) and a steel ceramic heating element,  all encased in a stainless steel surrounding. The build epitomizes tough.. For this reason your Volcano Vaporizer will last forever, but like a luxury vehicle you are paying for the higher grade inputs and construction.

Vapor Quality

The smooth and crisp  texture of the vapor matches pine flavor you get on your first inhale of the Volcano bag. In thermodynamics, vapor quality is the mass’s proportion in a saturated mixture that is vapor. The Volcano Vaporizer produces some of the best quality in the game via the heating mechanisms providing both convection and conduction heating.

The vapor density will depend on what heat setting you have your volcano tuned to. Higher heat is going to give you a greater and more dense vapor. Referring to the vapor quality above the forced air fan working in duo with the heating element will make sure the vapor density is consistent concurrent with the Volcano’s temperature. So you can really get misty light hits in the lower ranges or heavy billowy clouds in the higher temperature settings.

Your Volcano Will Save you Money

A little goes a long way. Simply a pinch of your herbs in the reducing chamber will easily fill a standard size bag full of flavorful vapor and can even generate seconds. What you spend on the Volcano you will save in the long run on your herb. Also the vaporized plants can be reclaimed for tasty treats, but that is another topic all together.

Volcano Vaporizer | A Pop Culture Icon

Volcano Vaporizer Netflix

The Volcano Vaporizer is so good it has become a pop culture icon representing the 420 lifestyle.  The Volcano has been featured in countless movies and television shows, like Netflix’s Disjointed, Seth Rogan’s “This is the End” and the movie Dope. We personally have  Comedian Doug Benson’s Volcano Vaporizer on display at in our office.

Where other companies like PAX and the now defunct Herbalizer pay for this type of exposure, Storz & Bickel do not. Storz & Bickel does not actively pursue product placement, they do not collaborate with artists or actors for special edition Volcano Vaporizers or hire celebrities for endorsements. The Volcano Vaporizer receives this media attention by being the best herb vaporizer money can buy.

The Volcano Vaporizer | Always Improving

While it has been 20 years since the release of the Classic Volcano, this has not stopped Storz & Bickel from innovating.

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