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Volcano Vaporizer Best Vaporizer

Is the Volcano Vaporizer the Best Vaporizer ? A Volcano Vaporizer Review

Is the Volcano Vaporizer Really the Best Vaporizer ?

A Volcano Vaporizer Review


Whether you are a newbie doing research, a vapor enthusiast or a patient undergoing treatment, if you’ve heard of vaping you probably know about the the Volcano Vaporizer  being considered the “Best Vaporizer in the World.” With the vapor industry growing at such a rapid pace, changing technologies and new vaporizers hitting the market –The pioneer Volcano Vaporizer remains the standard by which other vaporizers are judged. So how much of this is hype created by the Volcano being first to market and how much of this is the truth ?  Is the Volcano Vaporizer really the best vaporizer ?


Volcano Vaporizer the best vaporizer
The Volcano Vaporizer a pop culture icon


Is the Volcano Vaporizer the Best Vaporizer?

In our honest and expert opinion we say it is definitely the best desktop. Yes there are other vaporizers which surmount the Volcano Vaporizer in certain aspects, and it is not the only amazing vaporizer, but overall the Volcano Vaporizer is the perfect culmination of what make it the standard.


Durability – The Volcano Vaporizer is engineered in Germany and Storz & Bickel sure live up to the German engineering standard. The build is sturdy and highly efficient. Volcano Vaporizers from 2006 are still getting the job done today, 10 years later. The Volcano does come with a three year warranty, but with the longevity, the warranty of the Volcano it is a moot point. The Volcano is constructed with the highest grade aluminum alloy heat exchanger (having a melting point of 5000 degrees) and a steel ceramic heating element,  all encased in a stainless steel surrounding. The build epitomizes simplicity and quality. For this reason your Volcano Vaporizer will last forever, but like a luxury vehicle you are paying for the higher grade inputs and construction.

Volcano Vaporizer Review - Diagram


Vapor Quality – The smooth texture of the vapor matches the great and instant euphoria it produces. In thermodynamics , vapor quality is the mass fraction in a saturated mixture that is vapor. The Volcano Vaporizer produces some of the best quality in the game via the forced air fan delivery which provides calculated consistency across every session at any temperature.


Best Vaporizer
Thick Vapor density on higher setting

Vapor Density – The Volcano vapor density will depend on what heat setting you have your volcano tuned to. Higher heat is going to give you a greater and more dense vapor. Referring to the vapor quality above the forced air fan working in duo with the heating element will make sure the vapor density is consistent at any given temperature.


Consistency in Quality 

Solid Valve or Easy Valve, Digital Volcano or Classic Volcano. It’s all going to give you the same exact vapor quality from one volcano to another. (To read about the differences in the classic and digital or easy valve and solid valve,  please see the articles we have linked.)


Conservation – A little goes a long way. Simply a pinch of your blend will easily fill a standard size bag full of flavorful vapor and can even generate seconds. What you spend on the Volcano you will save in the long run on your herb. Also the vaporized plants can be reclaimed for tasty treats, but that is another topic all together.


Flavor – After spending considerable time researching why the flavor produced from the Volcano was so good, the only answer I could come across was the air filter. I wouldn’t think something this simple could make such a large difference, but it does. The air filter adds another level of purity to your vapor which in turn makes for some great taste. Much like an initial taste of a fine wine, I like to start out my sessions at a very low temperature (around 310 Fahrenheit) just to savor the taste. You can really pick apart the nuances from your herbs.


Vapor Delivery  – Where the Volcano Vaporizer falls short in relation to the competition is the Vapor Delivery. Using the Volcano is a multi step process which involves two external parts – your valve and your bag. While desktop vaporizers are going to be more of a process compared to all in one portable vaporizers, the Volcano does not boast the whip option like the Herbalizer does. The whip option does make for much easier and quieter sessions over the volcano vapor bags. The bags can be cumbersome, loud and will cost you money over time.


Vapor Bags –  With the Volcano the vapor is delivered into a bag, which can be custom made for single person use or larger ones for bigger groups. As mentioned the quality is consistent regardless of what temperature you enjoy your vapor at and you can easily increase or decrease the heat to find your ideal vapor temperature. Although your vapor is delivered into a bag the volcano can vaporize  waxes and concentrates.

The pre-manufactured vapor bags which come with the solid valve and easy valve are roughly 2 feet tall by 8 inches wide, giving you nearly 3/4 a cubic foot of vapor.  A full bag will provide for about 3-5 large draws for your or your friends.The ability to adjust the size on the Solid Valve bags are what make it an amazing social centerpiece.

The Volcano bags generally need to be changed every 30 – 50 sessions. When your vapor sessions are at higher temperatures or you are primarily using concentrates the bags will need to be changed more frequently.


All in all the Volcano should be ranked the best vaporizer based on the quality vapor and flavor it produces. From here you need to dig down and ask yourself certain questions on whether or not it’s going to be the best vaporizer for you ?

Volcano Vaporizer the best vaporizerTry the Volcano Vaporizer Without Committing to the Price ?

We offer a 90 Day Trial Period 

Obviously no blog or website can let you know if the Volcano Vaporizer is really the best vaporizer specifically for you and $500 is a lot of money to spend on any vaporizer, especially given the fact vapor may not even be your thing or you only need it for a short period of time.

To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered. We are the only retailer to offer trial periods (which work like rentals) on the Volcano Vaporizer. Furthermore we carry the used Volcano Vaporizer  at a lower price than new with a lower monthly trial / rental rate. So you can decide for yourself if it’s the best vaporizer.

This option to try out the volcano vaporizer is extended on all our  vaporizers and really makes believers that the Volcano Vaporizer is in a league of it’s own.

How Can I Try the Volcano Vaporizer ?

Click here to buy the Volcano Vaporizer and use it for as little or as long as you like. Once you complete your treatment, or want to try something else, simply send it back and get back the purchase price less the trial period rate – you’re only paying for the time you used it.

So if you have been waiting to pull the trigger on the Volcano vaporizer, wait no more. Come To the Cloud and see why the view is much better from up here.


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