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Trial Period

Trial Period

Every one of our vaporizers we sell is eligible for return under the trial period.

Ideal for customers who

  • Aren’t certain which vaporizer is going to be best for them
  • Only need it for a month or for a short period of time for treatment
  • Want to try all the best vaporizers, but don’t want to have to buy all of them

How it works

  • Purchase any of our top of the line vaporizers

  • Use and then return within the trial period time frame

  • Receive a Partial Refund


You buy the Classic Volcano Vaporizer for $479. You use it for 4 weeks. After which you return with all original parts and packaging. In this case the trial period is $139, so your refund would be calculated based on the price you paid $479 less the trial period rate $139, for a $340 refund.

For additional information please see our terms & conditions.