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PAX 2 vs. Crafty

The Millennials Favorite Vapes

Can the Crafty Portable Vaporizer Compete with the PAX 2 ?

 To date the PAX and newly released PAX 2 Vaporizer have by in large had the millennial market on lock down. Often called the iPhone of Vaporizers and being seen as “cool”, The PAX  delivers on quality, usability, portability and aesthetics. Essentially it has set the standard for being the best looking most efficient vaporizer for on the go. However the quality and other facets of the Crafty portable vaporizer are making it a true contender in the vapor space battle for millennial affection and share of the portable vaporizer market.

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The Size and Build

The Crafty  Vaporizer is a true portable made by Storz & Bickel, the maker’s of the Volcano. I say true portable because the Mighty “portable” vaporizer is a bit larger – boasting double the battery life but hard for a millennial to hold while programming or eating pizza. While being lightweight and compact the appeal still may go to other portables, such as the PAX 2,  as the Crafty and Mighty Vaporizers slightly resemble breathalyzers.



The Crafty (right) is almost ½ the size of the Mighty. Think of the Mighty like the Iphone 6 plus, a great vaporizer but  can be too encumbering for some on the go.


The App and USB charge

The Crafty Vaporizer is controlled by your iOS or Android device. In a day and age where everything is being controlled via phone, Storz & Bickel have made it possible to begin your vapor sessions in the same place you go to order pizza or hail a Lyft. Better yet you can charge your Crafty from your computer with the USB port and keep get all the information you may need right there in the App.

Crafty Vaporizer smart phone app


The Crafty Vaporizer tracks your sessions and tells you hours of use. This is nice as if you are buying a used Crafty you can see exactly how used it is. There is a running joke in the vaporizer community that many people trying to sell their used vaporizer claim that they “only used it twice”. With the hours logged into the app on the Crafty vaporizer you can verify the true usage  if you are going to buy a used Crafty 



At $339 MSRP the Crafty vaporizer is very in reach for the urban millennial , who spends hundreds each month on take out and concerts. Given the investment in product saved through vaporization and the quality engineering Storz & Bickel is known for, the extra $50  the Crafty costs , say over the PAX 2 is widely being seen as well worth it.  EDIT: PAX 2 Price drop to $199 in anticipation of the PAX 3 release


it’s hard to tell if the Crafty will be able to compete on the same stage as the PAX and PAX 2. We see a few factors such as the smart phone integration, size and cost being something that will keep it from mass proliferation to the tune of PAX. Furthermore Storz & Bickel is a small German company more focused on the quality  vaporizers they manufacture and are not spending massive amounts on promotions, marketing and endorsements like you see from PAX Labs. Regardless they are both top tier vaporizers in their own right.

If you are uncertain which one is right for you we have a 60 day trial period on the PAX 2 and a 90 day trial period on the Crafty. Try them both and decide for yourself.

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