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Classic Volcano with Solid Valve

The Benefit of Buying Used Vaporizers

Here at To the Cloud Vapor Store, we carry only  the world’s best vaporizers. Not only are these vaporizers built to last but they are backed by our 60 or 90 day trial periods and lifetime trade ins for store credit.  This presents an amazing value to anyone who has been wanting to try a high end vaporizers but is skeptical of the cost. To further assist our customers we carry a wide selection of used vaporizers which have been thoroughly vetted to ensure top of the line functionality and cleanliness.

Quality of Our Used Vaporizers

As mentioned we carry only the best vaporizers and brands on the market, such as Arizer, PAX, Firefly, Herbalizer, Volcano and more. These vaporizers  have been designed in America, Germany and Canada with the highest quality and longevity in mind. The durability of these high end vaporizers means they stand the test of time (whether they are new or used)


Better Price


However being that these vaporizers are in fact used and no longer sealed in their original packaging there exists great value for someone looking to avoid the sticker shock of a brand new vaporizer  – Much like buying a  used luxury automobile. Our used vaporizers come with a greatly discounted price and lower monthly trial period rate than the new vaporizers.


Volcano Vaporizer rental
Our Top Seller, the Used Volcano Vaporizer will save you nearly $100


Looking for an even better deal, check out our grab bag deals. These are units sent back under the trial period or traded in for store credit where the customer lost original packaging or the vaporizer incurred a minor cosmetic defect which doesn’t affect functionality.


Inspected, Tested & Cleaned

When you buy a used vaporizer from To the Cloud Vapor Store, you may not even know it. We run our used vaporizers through a rigorous process to ensure optimal functionality and like new cleanliness. After testing, loose parts are given a 91% isopropyl alcohol bath before being boiled in water and run through a commercial grade dishwasher. New screens and mouthpieces are also placed onto our used vaporizers before they are sent out the door.


Paid trial period

We are proud to be the only vaporizer retailer to offer a paid trial period on all our loose leaf herbal vaporizers. This really gives you peace of mind when spending a large amount of money. Especially given if you buy it from anywhere else you CANNOT return it. With the used vaporizers we offer the trial period is greatly discounted for the initial month of use. For example if you want to try out the Volcano Vaporizer it is $139.99 for the first month with the new volcano vaporizer and only $79.99 a month for the first month with the used Volcano Vaporizer. (The trial period rate matches in the second month) If you are renting the Volcano vaporizer for treatment, on a work assignment or just wanting to try it out, the used volcano vaporizer presents a much greater value in this context.


In conclusion the used vaporizers we offer are a great deal, due to their design coupled with our quality control and  commitment to our customers. Anyone looking to try, rent, sample or buy the best vaporizers at an even better price need to check out To the Cloud Vapor Store’s used vaporizer section for an abundance of great deals.

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