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Thermovape Cera Vaporizer

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Thermovape Cera by Thermo Essence 

The Thermovape Cera is an amazingly constructed portable vaporizer utilizing the highest quality Stainless steel, titanium and ceramic components. It’s sturdy build coupled with the fact the Cera has dual cartridges for loose leaf and concentrates and is easy and intuitive to use is what made it a block buster product for so long.


The Thermovape Cera Vaporizer gets rocking and rolling in a matter of seconds. The technology used in the cartridges of the Thermovape Cera, which are loose leaf and concentrate, ensure the heating source never combusts your products, but still delivers some of the thickest clouds and tastiest vapor on the go or at home. The vapor quality and duality of the Thermovape Cera vaporizer make it a real winner.

Comes with

Cera loose leaf cartridge


Cera essential oils / concentrates cartridge



Extra O-rings

*due to the nature of the concentrates we cannot offer the trial period on the essential oils cartridge



No ratings yet
  • Nez

    Old gear I bought a ghost lol buy a might or a craft there the best.

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