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Refurbished Davinci Miqro

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DaVinci | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Davinci MIQRO is an oldie but goodie and this refurbished Miqro deal let’s you score a great compact vaporizer for an insane price. Taking the blockbuster Davinci IQ and making it smaller, Davinci brings constant innovation front and center improving on an already great vaporizer  design with a more compact size. The Davinici MIQRO is a surefire portable herb vaporizer that will provide the best vapor for quicky sessions in tiniest of packages. Boasting an adjustable oven and smart vapor paths the MIQRO over delivers relative to it’s size and this clearance deal will not be found anywhere else.

  • Build

    The Miqro Vaporizer  is made with an anodized aluminum shell, sleek and strong. The internal zirconia pathways throughout  offer durability and great flavor.

  • Function

    Conduction heating in a ceramic chamber with a zirconia vapor path  makes the Miqro a power punch packing little vaporizer

  • Session

    Definitely a vaporizer for the solo user on the go who needs a few discreet hits here and there, but wants an herb vape and not a wax pen. The Miqro delivers only 2-4 hits per bowl, but those hits deliver quality and consistency.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • refurbished Davinci Miqro
  • 18350 Battery
  • Micro USB Cable



No ratings yet
  • Antonio Macias

    Bought for the best price ever!!!!!!! And it looks and works like if it was brand new!! I love the Davinci Miqro!!!!

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