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Refurbished Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews


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Arizer | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Arizer V-Tower is perhaps the most economical desktop vaporizer that delivers the  quality we have come to expect  from Arizer. Modeled after it’s bigger brother, the Arizer Extreme Q, the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is a basic whip delivery desktop convection vaporizer. The refurbished V-Tower let’s you save even more money with an amazing device offered at a fraction of the cost.

  • Build

    Arizer has followed a tried and true construction for their V-Tower Vaporizer. Arizer uses a ceramic and glass heating component and a borosilicate glass herb chamber and potpourri dish. The cost may be inexpensive but that does not reflect in the Arizer V-Tower’s raw materials.

  • Function

    The V-Tower functions using convection heating in which vapor is created as you draw from the whip. You get full digital control over your session to select your desired temperature to the degree. From there input your herb, inhale and voila.

  • Session

    Given the whip function and convection heating, the V-Tower makes for a great at home vaporizer. Fire it up after a hard days work relaxing by yourself on the couch , or enjoy with some friends as you play video games all night long. The V-Tower is a great at home vape for small or big sessions.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Arizer V-Tower Heater
  • Cyclone Bowl
  • Potpourri Dish
  • Glass Tipped Whip with Elbow
  • A/C Power Cable


  • An Insane Value

    The refurbished Arizer V-Tower is certainly the best deal on the already well priced Arizer Desktop Vaporizer. The slogan Arizer has worked up for the V-Tower is ” so efficient it pays for itself”.

  • Direct Draw

    Direct draw takes out alot of the guess work from the session. Attaching a whip and drawing on your own accord without fan assist makes for very customizable sessions from little nips to large lung busting draws.

  • Convection Heating

    The V-Tower uses convection heating with your herb sitting in the cyclone bowl above the ceramic heating element. When you draw, hot air is drawn through your herbs creating vapor.

  • Temperature Range

    The V-Tower also boasts one of the largest ranges for herb vaporizers –  122⁰ F to 500⁰ F, which can be selected to the degree using the digital read out and button controls on the unit.

  • Cyclone Glass Chamber

    One of the best features on Arizer’s desktop vaporizers is the borosilicate  cyclone glass. This high quality glass not only makes for great flavor but has a large capacity, allowing you to fill a little or alot. And by alot we mean up to a full gram without issue.

    Better yet if you want to use much smaller amounts you can fill the elbow in the whip and avoid the cyclone bowl altogether.

  • Vapor Quality

    You will not find vapor quality this good at this price anywhere. The combination of quality materials , convection heating and the ability to draw on demand from a whip makes the Arizer V-Tower a vaporizer that delivers amazing quality from start to finish and  must have for anyone wanting a desktop on a budget.

  • Warranty & Trial Period

    To the Cloud Vapor Store stands behind our refurbished vaporizers with a 6 month warranty.

    We are also proud to offer our 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit.



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • Ryan Augusta

    Ordered a used tower, and got a new one. No visible damage of any kind, and worded like a champ. A quality product from a quality company. Oh they also threw in a very capable grinder. Forever customer.

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