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Refurbished Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer

4.00 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
2 Reviews


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The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer is a multi faceted desktop vaporizer that gives you amazing options in a lightweight and compact design. It delivers smooth and tasty vapor via whip or bag and can even deliver aroma essence through the air with it’s potpourri dish and fan function. The Extreme Q Vaporizer  has stood the test of time and is recognized as one of the best desktop vaporizers in it’s price range. To the Cloud Vapor Store is happy to offer the refurbished Arizer Extreme Q for an even better value

  • Build

    The Extreme Q is made from high quality materials to include a ceramic heating element and comes with a handful of glass accessories to ensure the vapor delivery is pure and tasty

  • Function

    The Extreme Q operates via convection heating passing hot air through your herb and into your bag using the fan or from the pull of your breath using the whip

  • Session

    The duality of whip coupled with the size make the Arizer Extreme Q a great vaporizer to enjoy with company or alone. You will need to put a good amount of herb in the chamber to get the optimal hits, but being convection you can always leave to enjoy what you don’t finish at a later date. Better yet the Extreme Q has a bag option for those sessions with your buds

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Arizer Extreme Q 4.0
  • Cyclone Bowl
  • Elbow Piece for Whip or Bag
  • 3' Food Grade Silicone Whip
  • Extra Screens
  • Vapor Bag with Mouthpiece


  • refurbished for the win

    The Arizer Extreme Q offers a quality build and amazing vapor in an economical package from a brand name you can trust. This vaporizer is guaranteed to last you for years to come.


    To the Cloud Vapor Store wants to add value to your purchase by providing a refurbished Extreme Q at a fraction of the cost

  • Bag or whip

    With the Extreme Q vaporizer you can fill your bag via the forced air fan or can draw direct using the whip. This makes the Extreme Q multi versatile for relaxing and enjoying by yourself or passing around bags with friends.


    Of course the biggest concern is the quality of the vapor. and with the multitude of functions on the Q you not only get great vapor as a combination of a ceramic heating element and glass delivery pathways but also the ability for slights like adding the fan to your draw from the whip or just inhaling for a thicker more voluminous vapor. Not to mention the Extreme Q comes with a remote , which you can use to change temperature from 122 °F all the way to 500  °F

  • Made with purity in mind

    A ceramic heating element and glass cover ensure that your herb is being vaporized in only the purest manner

  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The Refurbished Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer   comes with To the Cloud Vapor Store’s  three six (6) month warranty we offer on all refurbished vaporizers. We  further stand behind Arizer’s vaporizers with our own 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit.


  • Read more on the Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

    Looking for more information on the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer ? Check our our blog  on why we think it is one of the best value for a desktop vaporizer.

Extreme Q Desktop herb vaporizer



4.00 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
2 Reviews
  • jay costa

    perfect as always

  • Alfred Zara

    Got it fast and good price

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