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Life Saber Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews


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7th Floor / Elev8 | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Life Saber Vaporizer from 7th Floor Vapes is a desktop vaporizer which utilizes the same straight forward concept of the Da Buddha and Silver Surfer Vaporizers , also made by 7th Floor/ Elev8 . The Life Saber however does not stand up on it’s own like a typical desktop and must be held in the hand while you session,  much like the Plenty Vaporizer.  The Life Saber provides tasty easy to obtain vapor with it’s simplistic but quality design.

  • Build

    The Life Saber Vaporizer follows the trademark design of the 7thFloor / Elev8 Vaporizer family. It utilizes a  ceramic heating element, all glass vapor path and an anodized aluminum build providing a sturdy unit with clean vapor.

  • Function

    The Life Saber functions via a convection heating with a wick that heats up via a dial on the side of the unit. Your herb is packed into the bottom of the wand, which doubles as the mouthpiece and hot air drawn through your plants as you inhale.

  • Session

    The Life Saber Vaporizer is the ideal desktop vaporizer for the user who wants to session at home with something straight forward. It doesn’t require the moving parts of say the Arizer Extreme Q , but gives  reliable and consistent vapor in a desktop model. The Life Saber also can handle a large amount of herb and has a 10′ foot chord, so passing between a few buds would also be an ideal session. I would not recommend the Life Saber Vaporizer for the party goer or those looking for a social desktop like the Volcano Vaporizer. The nifty hemp carry case included also makes it easy to travel with.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Life Saber Vaporizer
  • LCV Glass Mouthpiece
  • LSV Heater Cover
  • Padded Hemp Carry Case
  • Stir Tool
  • User Manual


  • Simplicity wins

    The Life Saber Vaporizer executes what 7thFloor has done so well over the years. It is a simplistic no frills easy to use vaporizer that provides clean and quality vapor in a durable unit that will last for years to come.

    These types of desktop vaporizers are perfect for learning the ropes of vaporization. There are not many parts to fumble with, the process requires little to no dialing in or refined process that can frustrate many – consistent vapor is easy to obtain.

  • conserve the herb

    Another added benefit of the Life Saber Vaporizer is the convection vapor that is oh so coveted. The heating element stands about one inch from your herb and you are only taxing the herb when pulling hot air through the LSV mouthpiece.

    Want to session with a friend or chill on the LSV when playing a video game ? the convection heating makes it so you can let this puppy stay on and idle and pull at your own discretion.

    Do be careful however , the LSV does not have an automatic shut off and has a large all glass draw.

  • Heat Up time

    The LSV has a knob which does not come with specific temperatures. You need to play around with the dial and see what heat setting works for you. The DBV will get running at full speed in about 2 and a half minutes.

    The heating element however will show an orange glow of the wick to let you know it is working and the intensity of the glow correlates how high the heat is. More glow means more heat.

  • Packing it up

    The herb chamber part of Life Saber Vape  operates like the Arizer SOLO 2. You take the bottom of your mouthpiece and scoop your ground herb in. The Bowl piece can accomodate up to .4 grams of herb , meaning you can get 20+ bountiful hits on a single pack. However you can successfully session with as little as .2 grams.

    Given the size of the herb chamber this is not the vaporizer for you if you are looking to micro dose. You will need at least .2 grams for a fruitful vapor session otherwise the herb will be whipping all around in the chamber.

    Once packed input the glass draw into the heater cover and pull away.

  • vapor quality

    The reason the Life Saber Vaporizer is so highly regarded is the taste of the vapor you get from the all glass draw and the amount of vapor too.

    The LSV offers little to no draw resistance so you can pull as low, hard, fast or slow as your heart desires and you will get great tasty vapor time and time again.

  • Share with some friends

    While the Life Saber Vaporizer is not going to be the party vaporizer the Volcano Hybrid is , it can still hold it’s own in small groups. The large chamber 10′ power chord and cool little case mean you can pack it for more than one, pass across the room without needing to worry about proximity to an outlet and can be packed up with ease and transported safely.

  • Life Saber Vaporizer Specs

    Weight 2.25 Lbs
    Dimensions 6" x 8.75" x 14.5" (inches)
    Heat Up Time 2:30 minutes
    Warranty 3 Year Warranty on Internals
  • Warranty trial period

    To the Cloud Vapor Store is happy to offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins with your Life Saber Vaporizer purchase.




life saber vape



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • Harvard

    Get one while you can! Yeah it’s a big old chunk of metal that gets hot during use. But nothing else in the vape world slaps you with those terpy, milky hits like a LSV. Every vapest should have one in their stable.

    To The Cloud’s... customer service is extra special wonderful! I ordered my new device over the weekend and has it in my hands Tuesday morning, about 30 minutes before I got the shipping email.

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