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Herbalizer Steamroller Glass Attachment

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  • OEM Herbalizer Accessory
  • 9″ Sturdy Hand Blown Glass
  • Maximixes Vapor Diffusion
  • Enhances Flavor
  • Seats Perfectly on Your Herbalizer Bowl Piece



Herbalizer Steamroller Glass Attachment | Herbalizer Parts & Accessories 

The Herbalizer has it all. It is a top of the line desktop vaporizer that boasts a whip function and can fill bags with milky vapor via forced air. So what else could you possibly want for your Herbie ? Why a glass attachment of course. Be the fanciest vapor connoisseur with the Herbalizer Steamroller glass attachment. A sturdy hand blown 9 inch glass piece which makes already tasty vapor even tastier


The Herbalizer Steamroller adds an extra level of diffusion and the glass enhances the flavor so all you get is pure clean goodness. Being an OEM Herbalizer accessory ensures the perfect function and seal on your Herbalizer Bowl Piece. Try it out at To the Cloud Vapor Store today.




No ratings yet

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