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G Pen Pro Vaporizer

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Grenco Science | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The G Pen Pro Vaporizer is the second reiteration of the G Pro made by Grenco Science. A simplistic entry level portable herb vaporizer. The G Pen Pro  packs design and style into a super discreet portable unit. Following the same packaging and aesthetics from other Grenco Science vaporizers, such as the G Pen Elite,  the G Pen Pro is an ideal budget vaporizer for your herb vape needs and comes with a one year warranty. 

  • Build

    The G Pen Pro boasts an Aluminum exterior case which feels great in the hand and gives off a sleek aesthetic vibe. The ceramic oven gives off quality and consistent vapor with ease and is very light while being sturdy. 

  • Function

    The G Pen Pro is a conduction vaporizer with  an easy to understand user interface and LED  readout. It comes with three temperature settings between 375℉ – 428℉


  • Session

    The G Pen Pro shines as a portable, on the go, vaporizer.  The G Pen Pro is optimal when needing to head out the door but would rather vape herb than an oil cartridge. It has an ideal battery life and can hold .25 grams of herb if need be. The larger chamber makes it so you can get a good 10 draws with a full pack. This is not a session vaporizer meant to enjoy with friends but for solo personal use when on the go.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • G Pen Pro Vaporizer
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Packing / Cleaning Tool
  • Cleaning Brush


  • Sleek and stylish

    When style and design matters as much as being discreet , you need to reach for the G Pen Pro. The G Pen Pro vaporizer offers the classic Grenco Science appeal in an ultra portable herb vaporizer.


    The design makes the G Pen Pro easy to pocket and take on the go and the new rubberized mouthpiece a breeze for taking one hit or multiple.


  • Simplicity and Ease

    The G Pen Pro functions using a single control button. With this button you can do it all , turning on the unit , changing temperature. These are  all done with the press of a button.

  • Using the G Pen Pro

    Upon receipt of your G Pen Vaporizer , ensure to fully charge.

    From there remove your mouthpiece and input your ground material. Making sure to pack enough lightly but to not overpack as this will cause draw resistance.

    Place the mouthpiece back on over the herb chamber and press the home button 5 times to power the device on.

    Hold the Power Button down to change between the three temperature settings.

    Once the G Pen Pro’s LED lights turn from blinking to solid you are ready to inhale.

    For best results take 5-7 second draws with slow inhales.

    The vaporizer will automatically shut off after 4 minutes.


  • temperature settings



    The G Pen Pro comes with three preset temperatures all which give off their own experience. Low, medium and high. All represented by the LED display on your vaporizer

    • Blue 375
    • Green 400
    • Red 428 
  • Charge Times and Battery Life

    The G Pen Pro will charge in 2-3 hours, this is on the longer side for a vaporizer of it’s kind and it does not have a removeable battery like many other portable vaporizers have been adding.

    With a full charge you can get around 6-8 sessions on average depending on temperature.

  • Chamber Size and Draws

    The G Pen Pro can comfortably accommodate .25 grams of flower. This will provide the user roughly  8 – 10 good hits before needing to be discarded.

  • Vapor Quality

    The G Pen Pro gives off a vapor quality that is in line with it’s price point. This is the same for many of Grenco’s portable herb vaporizers such as the G Pen Dash and G Pen Elite.

    The Vaporizer is great in the beginning hits and in the lower to medium ranges. However as you spend your herb or work your way up towards the higher settings over time , you will get that harsh burnt pop corn taste.

    That is not to say the Vapor Quality is not good, that is to say you are paying 1/4 what the top portable vaporizer, the Mighty Vaporizer costs and getting vaporizer that is in line with the price.

  • Budget Friendly

    The G Pen Pro comes at an attractive price tag. At only $89 it is a great budget vaporizer for the newbie as this is great vapor to get your feet wet with if you are new to vaping herb. The G Pen Pro can also be suited for the enthusiast who needs something for the office or car.


  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The G Pen Pro comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    To the Cloud Vapor Store is happy to offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on your  G Pen purchase to ensure your satisfaction.

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