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G Pen Nova Vaporizer

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Grenco Science | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The G Pen Nova is a wax vaporizer which adds some nifty little features to give it a leg up on the of the standard pen. It is compatible with your own presses or 510 cartridge and even claims to vaporizer dry herb, although should be purchased primarily for your distillate.

  • Build

    The G Pen Nova is made of an alloy coated in rubber. It feels nice and slick in the hand, something that is a little step up from your standard battery. The ceramic pick and chamber provide okay dabs with about enough to fit a grain sized piece.

  • Function

    The G Pen Nova functions with some nice little features for a lower cost pen. While it will heat your dabs in the chamber as all low cost vape pens will, the Nova has two ways to session and 3 battery voltage settings.

  • Session

    Don’t see yourself using this as an at home unit. The G Pen Nova was designed to be the vaporizer you take with you on a Friday evening heading out. You will get a few good puffs at at time before needing to refill.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • G Pen Nova Vaporizer
  • Micro USB Cable


  • 3 Easy Pieces

    The G Pen Nova comes in three easy pieces. The battery , the chamber and the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece features a nifty pick for loading.

  • How to Use

    Upon arrival it is recommended you register your device online at G Pen’s website. Next Charge your unit using the micro usb cable. Your device will show green when fully charged.


    Power on (and off) by pressing the home button five times. Press the home button and you are off to the races.

  • Dual Modes

    In Standard mode hold the home button down to activate your heating element. This will engage the heating element for up to 10 seconds.

    Press the home button 2 times to enter Extended Draw mode. Extended Draw mode permits you to engage the heat without having to hold the button down. You can disengage the heat by pressing the button once.

  • 3 Voltages

    To see your current voltage setting press the home button three times.

    Blue 3.2 V

    Green 3.6V

    Red 4.1V

  • 510 Compatible

    The G Pen Nova works with all 510 threads, letting you take the fun from homemade presses to store bought carts.

  • warranty

    The G Pen Nova steps it up even one more with a one year warranty. This is something rare to see in a pen at this point , but speaks to the superior design of Grenco Science.

G pen nova vaporizer



No ratings yet

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