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Flytlab Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vapor System

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The Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vapor System by FLYTLAB is a high end battery for your 510 cartridges that  provides an easy to use and efficient way to elevate and medicate. Using a proprietary internal 400 mAh battery, drop & vape accommodating threading for both magnetic and 510 threaded carts and inhale activation this is a high end battery if you ever needed one.

  • Build

    The Ctrl vapor system is made from a durable metal alloy throughout the body.

  • Function

    The advanced Flytlab CTRL heats your cartridge when you draw providing quality vapor with  4 different voltage settings to choose from.

  • Session

    Take a hit on demand, anytime anywhere. The Ctrl vaporizer lets you pull it out and put it back in less time than it takes to press a button.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Flytlab Ctrl.
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual


  • Durable & Sleek

    Not all cartridge batteries are built the same and the old adage of “you pay for what you get” is true. The Ctrl. is one of the most durable 510 vape pens money can buy and will go to the distance.

    it’s alloy body and internal cartridge holder not only keep the battery protected but your precious oils as well.

    All the benefits of a tank of a vaporizer while looking sleek and stylish with Flytlab’s signature design on the front of the battery.

  • Any Cartridge Anywhere

    The Flytlab Ctrl. will work with any 510 carts with a diameter 11mm or smaller. You can throw in 1/2 gram cartridges or full gram cartridges. You can use both 510 threated or magnetic cartridges too. Flytlab’s patent pending spring loaded cartridge load detects and does all the rest.

  • Using the Ctrl.

    To use the Ctrl press the release button on the top of the unit and pull your cover upwards. Insert any accommodating 510 cartridge  and close. By default your Ctrl. will be ready to vape at the lowest heat setting (green). To adjust this remove your cartridge and watch the vaporizer cycle through the heat settings. Drop your Cart back in when you have the heat setting you want.  When you are ready inhale……

  • 4 Voltage Settings

    The Ctrl. provides 4 voltage settings with the higher voltage giving more power to your cart and thus greater vapor production.

    •  3.4 V (Blue)
    • 3.6 V (Yellow)
    • 3.8 V (Purple)
    •  4.0 V (Green)

    To change the voltage ,unlock the lid and remove the cartridge. The LED will cycle through the 4 voltage settings. When desired level is illuminated, insert the cartridge back into the loading chamber and close the lid.

  • Battery Life

    The Ctrl. has a seriously long battery life and will be able to take down nearly a .5 cartridge on a full charge if using the most conservative voltage setting.

    The Ctrl. will charge full in a little over an hour and be good for the next few days. To check the battery life tap on the bottom of the unit and the lights will display your current battery level.

  • warranty

    To the Cloud Vapor Store is an authorized Flytlab vendor and your Ctrl. purchase will come with a one year warranty.

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No ratings yet

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