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Dipper Vaporizer Whip Kit

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  • OEM Dip Devices Accessory
  • Three Standard Sizes
  • Male & Female Ports
  • Attach to your Favorite Glass




The Dipper Vaporizer Whip Kit | Dip Devices Parts &  Accessories

The Dipper Vaporizer is king of versatility and the Dipper Whip kit only adds another level to your dab sessions. The Dipper Whip kit lets you attach your Dipper Vaporizer to your favorite glass or rig for even smoother dabs purified through water. It’s great for at home sessions and comes in an assortment of sizes so you get the right whip kit for you without needing any adapters. If you are looking to enhance your Dipper experience with the whip function, To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with the best prices and free shipping on all your Dip Devices needs.



No ratings yet

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