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New PAX 3 prices and Color - PAX 3 Basic Kit

New Prices on PAX 2 & PAX 3 and Newly Released PAX 3 Basic Kit

PAX 2 & PAX 3 Vaporizer Price Drop and Newly Released PAX 3 Basic Kit 

If you have been waiting to pick up a PAX vaporizer for some time, you may have been right to wait. PAX just announced a price drop on their flagship line up and will be releasing a new stripped down version of the PAX 3 called the Basic Kit. The PAX 3 Basic Kit has a new matte finish and is available in Rose Gold, Teal, Silver and Black. The PAX 3 Basic Kit does not come with the bulky packaging of the PAX 3 Complete kit, but you are missing out not the accessories included with the Complete kit – The concentrate cannister, the PAX Multi Tool,  Half Pack oven lid and extra screens.

PAX 3 Basic Kit Black
PAX 3 Basic Kit in new Matte Black


Ahead of the release of the PAX 3 Basic Kit, PAX also dropped prices across the board. The PAX 3 complete kit decreased from $274.95 to $249.99 and the PAX 3 Basic Kit was released at $199.99. Possibly the best  news for consumers …. The PAX 2 will be priced at $149.99.

We constantly talk about the increased competition in the vaporizer market. PAX’s decision to make a stripped down model of a vaporizer currently in their arsenal and decrease prices on the entire PAX line is a clear sign of the times.


In the past we have seen vaporizer manufacturers drop prices on their vaporizers ahead of a new vaporizer release. This was what previously had been done at PAX Labs when the PAX 2 was released. The original PAX Vaporizer (no longer in production) went from $249 to $199. Likewise when the PAX 3  was released the PAX 2 went from $279 to $199.


With No PAX 4 on the Horizon Why the Price Drop ?

We’re speculating on a few reasons. The first reason being that PAX wants to be more competitive on price. The PAX 2 at $149.99 becomes a much stronger contender for someone looking for a quality portable vaporizer under $200. For example the G Pen Elite and Flytlab Lift  are some of the top sellers for those seeking portable and economical dry herb vaporizers. With the PAX 2 now at the same price point, the competitive pool has changed and in our opinion the PAX 2 is one of the best you can get at $150.


We recently saw a similar price drop with Storz & Bickel. The Crafty Vaporizer moved from $339 to $279. Obviously this drop caused a shift in the demand curve and lead to more customers choosing a higher quality Storz & Bickel Vaporizer over a PAX 3. With the PAX price drop and new PAX 3 Basic Kit release, the Crafty and PAX 3 have again drifted apart as possible substitutes on price.


No Longer The New Kid on the Block

The PAX 3 was released a year ago in September 2016. Many consumers complained the PAX 3 didn’t offer much over the PAX 2 besides an improved battery, bluetooth integration and the accessories found in the complete kit. If I were blindfolded I would not be able to tell the difference in the vapor between the PAX 2 and PAX 3 and I found myself never using the concentrate chamber in the PAX 3. There is only so much you can do to the actual vaporizer itself and the hype behind the PAX 3 died down rather fast while other new vaporizers hit the market. Price drops are common for older model items in any market and with the product life cycle being shortened through more entrants in the vaporizer space, the PAX 3 is no longer the hot new thing.


Focusing on the ERA

PAX Era and Pods
PAX Era and Pods

PAX Labs has been betting big on legalization and the real money to be made is with the THC and CBD filled cartridges. To enter this market PAX has developed their own Pen Vape System in the PAX ERA. The ERA pods do not have the industry standard 510 thread. So if you do pick up a PAX Era you will be forced to buy their pods as well. It may be PAX is no longer devoting as much attention to dry herb vaporizer development and is looking to get a spike in revenue to devote more money to devote to ERA R&D and getting recurring customers from the sale or ERA pods.




The Irony of the PAX 3 Basic Kit

In a way the PAX 3 Basic Kit has come full circle. The PAX 3 complete kit offered up some great PAX accessories which were borne from customer feedback. The ability to do concentrates, the half pack oven lid for smaller sessions and keychain tool to make loading and discarding your herb quick and easy. Now while a good deal of vapor connoisseurs use these PAX 3 accessories (which can also be purchased separately and used with the PAX 2) many did not and voiced their opinion. The PAX 3 complete kit also faced some criticism over the glossy finish used to protect the device. The PAX 2 brushed anodized metal finish was much preferred and did not scratch as easy. With the PAX 3 Basic Kit, PAX has moved to a matte finish over the glossy finish of the PAX 3 Complete kit. It is my personal opinion they will soon switch all PAX 3s to the matte finish.  So in essence the feedback from the PAX 2 used to create the PAX 3 is much like the feedback from the PAX 3 complete kit to make a more refined PAX 3 – the PAX 3 Basic Kit.


What else is new with the PAX 3 Re-Release ?

With the re-release of the PAX 3, PAX Labs has changed the finish on the unit from a polished finish to a matte finish. The original polish finish was prone to scratching and fingerprint marks. The color options have also switched a bit. PAX Labs decided to scratch the Gold PAX 3 from their lineup and add a Teal Color.

New PAX 3 Basic Kit and Colors
New Colors and Finish on the PAX 3


At any rate, the increased competition in the vaporizer space has been great for customers. We have seen prices come down on many top of the line vaporizers making them more affordable to those seeking to benefit from vapor and aromatherapy. If you are still on the fence about picking up any of the PAX vaporizers, To the Cloud Vapor Store is proud to offer a 60 day trial period with your purchase. Also check out our guest post here to help you decide between the PAX 2 or the PAX 3 


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