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HAZE Square review

The HAZE Square Vaporizer Reviewed

HAZE Square review
HAZE Square review

The HAZE Square and HAZE Square Pro are the newest portable vaporizers of 2018 released by HAZE Technologies, makers of the HAZE Dual V3 Vaporizer.

The HAZE Square is not a second variation or refinement  of the V3 vaporizer, but a total departure into something new. The HAZE Square is an on demand , convection vaporizer which can be used with both dry herb and concentrates. The most revolutionary aspect of the HAZE Square is it’s quad chamber filling tray and ability to switch between these four chambers with a flick of the wrist.

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Opening the HAZE Square Pro

Out of the box the HAZE Square feels very sturdy, the Aluminum alloy shell not only feels very nice,but looks good. At  2.5” inches in height all the way around and 1” inch in width it fits snug into the palm of your hand.

The biggest issue out of the box with the HAZE Square is charging the unit and figuring it out. You will need to charge it for at least 30 minutes before  your first session. The Square Pro comes with both a USB-C charger and wall charger. The wall charger will be a much faster method to charge your vaporizer.

While you charge the unit it is recommended to read the directions. There are alot of moving pieces with the HAZE Square and getting some basic understanding of the vape before you have at it will pay dividends.

HAZE square vaporizer portable review

Using the HAZE Square Pro

haze square filling chambers

You load the HAZE by removing filling chamber tray apart from the lid. Your four separate filling chambers can actually be removed from the tray to assist in loading. This as well makes cleaning a tad easier, but with the added benefit comes the downside of misplacing a chamber, as happened to me within an hour of getting my HAZE Square Pro. This makes the HAZE Square more of a pack at home and bring with you for the whole day. Loading it on the go could be a bit of a pain given all the parts.

Once you get hold of removing the lock, and taking apart and putting back together the filling tray and lid the HAZE Square is just as easy as any other vaporizer. Easy and involved however are two different things and the process. 


HAZE square lock

To turn on hit the power button three times. The + and – buttons allow you to adjust your temperature to your desired setting which will be shown by the LED color. The mouthpiece is stored snug in the bottom right of the unit, just remove this and place in the air path on the center of the very top. With the unit powered on and the mouthpiece in place ensure you have a full chamber lined up with the heating element. The dots on the outside of the device will let you know what chamber is being heated.


Press the home button to begin your session. The LED light will show a solid green when it hits the set temperature and you can begin to inhale.

Chamber Size

Each Chamber can hold .25 to .3  grams of ground herb depending on how tight you pack it in there. I noticed with a more loose pack I did get better results, as this is a pure convection vaporizer so you are drawing heat through the herb so if packed too tightly no hot air will pass through the herb

HAZE square pro chamber size

Temperature Range

The HAZE Square has five preset temperatures programmed into the device

335°F – Blue

355°F Purple

365°F Pink

380°F Yellow

410°F – Red

The Haze Square Pro on the other hand gives the user  extra customization, with the ability to not only customize your temperature between 320 and 480 Fahrenheit  for each setting, but also allowing one to change the LED color to represent that temperature in the microsoft app.

Four Herb Chambers: The HAZE Square's Pièce de Résistance

Without Doubt The coolest feature on the HAZE Square is the ability to switch between all four chambers like you are playing a rubix cube game. This really makes it the #1 contender for on the go. You can load up all four chambers and use them without having to bust out a container , discard old herb or pocket a hot dosing capsule or crucible. Besides providing optimal convenience this feature is cool if you want to load up on different strains or switch between concentrates and herb.

Ironically when using my HAZE Square at home I find the 4 chambers to be kind of annoying as I am constantly trying to guess which chamber has a fresh bowl or how many more hits I can get out of a chamber which I have pulled on.

HAZE Square dots

Last night when trying to session with my Haze Square Pro before bed I had to turn the lights on and then open the unit to see which chamber I had packed.

To navigate your four herb chambers HAZE put dots to correspond to the relative chamber. Just match that dot up with the heating symbol and you will always be golden.

Vapor Quality

The Vapor Quality is good,  given the Square is pure convection it has a leg up over competitive conduction vaporizers at this price such as the PAX 3 . If you are looking for only the smoothest and silkiest of vapor the Square Pro probably will not fit the bill, however the vapor quality is above average for a device in this price range.

Vapor Production

With on demand convection vaporizers your pull and how long you are triggering the heating element will affect vapor production alongside obvious factors such as the temperature. I must add that keeping convection vaporizers clean is also very important to maximize airflow.

HAZE Square heating element

The HAZE Square heats via a titanium coil in a ceramic casing, this is exactly like the Firefly 2 design if you look at the heating element of the two.

The HAZE Square produces on demand vapor with ease. This has been a point of contention with many other on demand convection vaporizers drawing criticism for how hard it is to obtain consistent draws with ease. With the Square you do not need to draw slow, prolonged, or refine additional aspects of your session to get optimal results, you just push the home button and draw away.


On a fully packed chamber at 390 F you will get about 13 hits, you can obtain 2-3 more if you stir and repack your herb

Battery Life

The HAZE Square contains an internal Lithium Ion battery which is connected to the PCB board of the device. The battery is about the same size as the Firefly 2 770 MAH  battery. The smaller battery will charge much faster but will also run out of juice quicker.

I like to vape at the higher temperatures and I get around 4 sessions (one chamber each session)  on a single charge. This is something to take into consideration, you can load up your HAZE Square for a day of hiking or Barbecuing but you will need to charge it again if you are planning on some heavy usage. Also when I did use it for concentrates during testing I had it at 480 degrees (F). All bets were off here and the battery died much faster when I was using for concentrates.

Thankfully the HAZE Square charges fast. About 30 minutes and you are all good to go. Also with the HAZE Square Pro there is a USB-C Charging port which is easy to find at a friends house , especially if that friend vapes.

Better yet , you can buy spare battery packs from HAZE for only $20. I like to see HAZE Technologies giving the consumer the ability to change an internal battery. This is often a headache with other vaporizers containing internal batteries as you must send them back to get serviced by the manufacturer.

Note: You do need a HEX 2.0 screwdriver head to remove the HAZE Square internal battery 

HAZE Square pro battery

HAZE Square Pro vs. HAZE Square

So far we have not been able to get our hands on the HAZE Square Basic Version. However it does seem that for only $30 more the HAZE Square Pro is going to be the better choice between the two variations.

With the HAZE Square Pro you get the option to customize temperatures, LED colors and some other features like haptic feedback when the vaporizer is ready for action.

haze square app

The HAZE Square Pro also comes with a USB-C which is not included with the HAZE Square basic version. This is not that big of a deal as the wall charger will be better for rapidly charging your HAZE Square.

I can see where the complications of not having to change the temperatures in the app can be appealing , but since they do come preset there is not much reason to adjust them for someone who wants to stay away from screwing around with a software application. I do see the point of view however that the added software of the device can make more problems, however I would imagine the Basic version of the HAZE Square to be phased out and that only the HAZE Square Pro will be the one sold.

It's Hip To Be Square

In conclusion the HAZE Square is a great portable vaporizer. It’s ability to carry over a gram of herb in one device and use through out the day without needing to unload and reload is one of the most convenient facets of this latest edition to the recent releases of on demand convection vaporizers.

The thorough build/ design  and easy to obtain vapor were what I found most gratifying about this vaporizer and made me happy I got in on the presale when I bought the HAZE Square Pro – no buyer’s remorse here.

Lastly, the price of the HAZE Square Pro at only $189 and a 10 year warranty to boot make it a HUGE value purchase. This vaporizer is on par with $239 vaporizers. So it really shows that the competition and price wars are heating up in the portable dry herb vape space. Also HAZE Technologies is an established company which had great success with the HAZE V3 Dual Vaporizer. Recently with Herbalizer going out of business , customers are beginning to question the validity and warranty  of a company which will go under. HAZE Technologies will be here for years to come and will bring us many more vaporizers.



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