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Flytlab Lift review

Flytlab Lift Review – Portable, Economical and Good Vapor

Flytlab Lift Review 

Unit and packaging

Unboxing the Flytlab Lift I really liked two things. The logo & packaging design and the size of the unit itself. Presently everyone is trying to call themselves the Apple of Vaporizers with Apple-esque packaging and a high tech bluetooth compatible vaporizer. While this fits the bill for the Firefly 2 and the PAX 3 , far too many are claiming to be what they aren’t. For our Flytlab Lift review we are going to be using the black Lift, but they come in both white and black. 

Flytlab Lift in white and black

Flytlab is staying true to themselves with the Lift, it is a small compact and quality vaporizer for well under $200 – and that is greatly appreciated more than ever right now.


On to the unit itself. The Lift vaporizer is 4 inches tall by ¾ an inch wide with the mouthpiece extending out another ¾ of an inch when all the way out. Weighing in at only 2.4 ounces and being cylinder shaped with a retractable mouthpiece, you can see why it is about as ideal as it gets as a portable vape.


Another aspect I liked about the Lift’s design was the neon colors displayed  when choosing your temperature. However I thought their color sequence a bit backwards. We will cover this later.



The Lift’s excellent portable size is not the only thing making it a great portable vaporizer,  the chamber size, coming in at .4 grams, with the option to put almost .5 grams of your herb in if you grind fine, will allow for maximum draws before needing to refill. A true plus when at a show or sharing with your friends.


The ceramic chamber has airflow beneath as well making it not a total conduction vaporizers, but a combination of conduction heating with a slight convection element.


Ceramic is a material used in a few other dry herb vaporizer chambers such as the Davinci Ascent and G Pen elite. It is durable, makes for a well rounded bake and gives off good vapor quality. Another benefit of the ceramic chamber is the ease of cleaning it allows for. The downside of the ceramic chamber (all white) would be the staining over time.

Flytlab Lift Chamber and Mouthpiece review
A look at the Flytlab Lift’s Chamber



The Lift’s mouthpiece doubles as a packing tool to use  throughout your session and allows you to repack any herb which may have become loose. This is a really great feature and would have expected to have seen it already on a few other vaporizers. As herb vapes in a chamber it will cook down and the volume will become less. This will cause your original pack to become much looser and not produce vapor like the beginning of your session. The Lift’s mouthpiece makes it so you do not need to open the chamber cover, stir and repack during your session. The mouthpiece is also magnetic so when you chamber is not full the mouthpiece will still remain fully protracted. The opposite however is not the case. When the chamber is full the mouthpiece cannot be retracted into the body of the Lift.


Given that you can pack your herb down throughout your session you will need a scraper tool to empty. The Flytlab Lift does come with such a pick, but the process and how firmly the ABV (already been vaped) herb does get packed in does not make this an easy feat when on the go,  like emptying your PAX 2 or G Pen Elite.

Herb gets tightly packed down by the mouthpiece

Another drawback on the mouthpiece is that the vapor path part separates from the cover which screws over your chamber. This separation is what enables the mouthpiece to retract , but makes for a greater probability of loss of either of the parts. Granted the vapor path piece is not totally free wheeling as there is a magnetic assist which keeps the two pieces close together which we mentioned above.


I found the mouthpiece one of the simplest and innovate features on the lift that really enhanced my user experience and thus a full section dedicated to it alone 😉





Using the Flylab Lift

Unscrew the top, input your herb and screw the top back on. This is very self explanatory with the unit.

To turn on the Lift press your main button three times. You will see the power light moving between blue, yellow and green representing low, medium and high, respectively. When the button flashes the color for the temp setting you want hit it once. You will then see a red pulsing light once this red flash changes back to the color you selected you are ready to begin your draw.

This is the part which confused me the most. When I review vaporizers I like to take it out of the box and give them a go with total intuition. No instructions, no video how to tutorials, just take it out and figure it out on the spot.

The one thing I liked most about using the Lift was the single button operation. One you get spun up with the user guide, you will find the Lift’s single button operation alot easier than playing around with all sorts of buttons and maneuvers just to reach a certain setting.

The temperature colors really threw me off with this one. Blue, yellow and green with the red being the standby color. I guess it was as simple as picking up the manual and getting a quick spin up. Once I did that it was easy sailing.


Setting Color Temperature


  • Green LED – Highest  – 415 F – 425 F
  • Yellow LED – Medium – 395F – 405F
  • Blue LED   –  Low 365F- 375F



The Flytlab Lift has some good vapor quality and production from the get go. I was surprised at how cool the initial vapor was given the proximity of the chamber to the mouthpiece / vapor path. However at higher temperatures and midway through your session the vapor quality (temperature and texture) changes and the flavor isn’t what you would get with a more expensive vaporizer throughout the entire session.


The actual vapor production (vapor being produced) was great throughout the session, especially since the mouthpiece packs down the herb, I was getting continuous vapor clouds. That is to say though for $150 you are not going to get $300 vaporizer quality vapor throughout as towards the tail end of the session the vapor turns more hot with a burned popcorn taste.


Battery life

The battery last surprisingly long. I was able to complete about 13 sessions before needing to charge. Remind you that battery life will vary based on length of sessions and temperature selected. The Flytlab Lift does not have a removable 18650 battery, but the mini usb charger it uses are common place and your buddies who may not even vape will more than likely have one around.

A downside about the non removable battery is the charging time. Internal charging takes much longer than being able to remove and put into a wall dock. The charging time to get the Lift back to full power is a bit over 2 hours. I don’t find it all that bad as it lasts forever on a single charge and nothing says you can’t charge it half way when you don’t have the time.

  • Green LED – Full Battery
  • Yellow LED – Half Battery
  • Red LED – Low Battery


Auto Shut off

Auto shut off – The LIft will shut off after 2 minutes. I know this is meant to preserve battery and is a feature on nearly all vaporizers today, but call me old fashioned. I like to turn devices on and off by myself, whether it be the Mighty or the Lift, I don’t like my vaporizer turning off all the sudden.



The Lift comes with a 10 year warranty, which is becoming the industry standard for the higher end portable vaporizers.  This goes to show that Flytlab  really stands behind their products and cares about their customers.


Get Lifted 

All in all I like my Flytlab Lift. It is not something I would use around the house and it is definitely not going to replace a high end desktop like the Volcano or the Herbalizer, but for a concert or a day hike it doesn’t get more perfect.  If you want to try it out, We at To the Cloud Vapor Store are happy to offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit on the Flytlab Lift and all the great vaporizers we sell. 




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