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Comparing the Original Firefly Vaporizer to the Firefly 2

Comparing the Original Firefly Vaporizer to the Firefly 2

Comparing the Original Firefly Vaporizer to the Firefly 2 

Technology is becoming more ever present in all our devices today. Doing everything from feeding your dog to closing your blinds can now be done from your phone and recently released high end vaporizers are appropriating this technological shift. Bluetooth integration and smart phone apps from which these vaporizers can be controlled are becoming the norm. But are these smart vapes producing better quality vapor than their predecessors and do the benefits outweigh the costs ?

Comparing the Original Firefly Vaporizer to the Firefly 2
Original Firefly (left) Firefly 2 (right)


To answer these questions we are going to be comparing the Original Firefly Vaporizer to the Firefly 2 Vaporizer


Both the original Firefly Vaporizer and Firefly 2 were designed in San Francisco by Sasha Robinson and Mark Williams, Williams a  former Apple Design Engineer.

Firefly Vaporizer Founders


However you will not find the  Apple-esque influence in the Original Firefly as you do in the  Firefly 2. This makes for a great comparison in the “simple vape” versus “smart vape” assessment.


The Look 

Now while the Firefly and Firefly 2’s appearance does not affect function (per se) it may be an aspect that you consider important.

Original Firefly Vaporizer
Original Firefly Vaporizer

The original Firefly is a sleek looking on demand portable vaporizer – it looks sexy. Something of a table piece which pairs well with a bottle of wine and given it’s heavy weight for a portable vaporizer it can also double as a paper weight 😉  It’s a vaporizer and a piece of art, much more appealing to the eye than other vaporizers, to include the Firefly 2. 



The Firefly 2 as well is a good looking device, but more so in the way a new tech product is cool. It’s thin &  lightweight exterior is built more for function. The underbelly on the Firefly 2 is the same color on every single Firefly 2 , a plain grey. This actually can be a benefit for the Firefly 2s appearance as you only need to change the top cover, by purchasing a different color cover and voila, you now have a different color Firefly 2.


Firefly 2 different color lids

Using your Fireflies

On the original Firefly  you press the singular button on the side and your vaporizer heats up. The coil underneath the ceramic chamber hits 410 degrees (F) in a matter of seconds. You can of course hold the button down for less time or longer to influence the vapor production.

The Firelfy 2 vaporizer  on the other hand requires you to make temperature adjustments with your smart phone via the Firefly app. The Firefly 2 also has two buttons which trigger the heating element. In the application you can select if you want the left, right or both buttons to be pressed down to trigger the heating element. The Firefly 2 app is very neat and offers a variety of options and information. 

Firefly 2 smart phone app

With both Firefly Vaporizers there is a bit of a learning curve to get the best vapor. Your herb needs to be ground rather fine and packed firmly. I recommend pre heating the bowl for 20 seconds before you attempt a hit when starting a new session (unless on high with the Firefly 2). Also your draws should be very light for 4 – 6 seconds. If you are having problems making your Firefly 1 or 2 work for you check out our Tips & Tricks . It is written for the Firefly 1, but the basics are the same for the 2. 


Neither the Firefly 1 or 2 are the best devices for on the go use. The Firefly 1 is much too heavy (weighing in at 8.5 ounces) and the Firefly 2 does not feel durable enough to withstand a drop. Furthermore with the built in software on the Firefly 2 it is not something you want to worry about when mountain biking or hitting the slopes. Also even with the improved battery life on the Firefly 2, I have still found the battery not living up to it’s standard. 

Hitting the road with the Firefly 2
Hitting the road with the Firefly 2

Between the Original Firefly and the Firefly 2 vaporizer,  I only have ever taken the Firefly 2 with me outside of the house. It’s important to have the temperature set to what you are going to want when using as changing it on the app can prove a pain if for example at a concert.  




The Build

The Original Firefly has a simple and sturdy build. Borosilicate glass and stainless steel compose the body of the unit with the heating chamber being made of a ceramic super alloy.  Below  deck there is a circuit board and a heating coil. You can actually disassemble the original Firefly Vaporizer with ease and see what you are working with.


Firefly original disassembled
Photo courtesy of


On the Firefly 2 Vaporizer  the body is made up of Magnesium Alloy, with a Borosilicate glass pathway giving the Firefly 2 the best flavor vapor currently available on the market. Although Magnesium Alloy is a durable metal, the Firefly 2 does feel plastic to the touch, albeit a high grade plastic. Also given the increased technological capacity of the Firefly 2, it is something I can imagine only dissect-able by a trained Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  (EECS) engineer.


Vapor Quality

Comparing the Original Firefly Vaporizer to the Firefly , both  have great vapor quality (taste and texture) once you get the hang of them. While the original Firefly has one temperature setting playing around with how long you hold the heat button down can offer a wide variety in the type of vapor you get. There is alot of trial and error in this and you never really know your exact temperature ranges.


The Firefly 2 on the other hand gives you the option between temperature settings and even has a setting at 500 degrees (F) for concentrates. What can I say about the vapor from the Firefly 2 ? Man oh man it is incredibly tasty. Undoubtedly the best flavored vapor from any of the vaporizers currently out there. For some reason the Firefly 2 has a unique smell which enhances this experience. 



Like anything in life it really depends if  you if you are going to benefit from one  more than the other. At To the Cloud Vapor Store we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of the original Firefly vaporizer with it being out of production. Also many of our clients do not like the complications posed from smart phone operation and the perceived inferior durability compared to the original.

That being said the Firefly 2 is one of the best sellers and most coveted vaporizers by novices to experts.  At To the Cloud Vapor Store we offer a 60 day trial period on both these great vapes so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you.



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