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The HAZE Square vape

A Sneak Peak at the New HAZE Square Vaporizer

HAZE Technologies Newest Vaporizer: The HAZE Square

HAZE technologies , the makers of the HAZE v2.5 and HAZE v3 have finally begun prerelease of the  HAZE Square and HAZE Square pro. The new HAZE Square vaporizer has been in pre production for over a year now, but up until now only a lucky few have been able to gander at the prototype. However with the pre-orders  underway, now you can get your hands on the HAZE Square vaporizer.

The HAZE square is an on demand  portable convection vaporizer. This means you press the button when you want to trigger the heat and your herb is heated via the hot air you draw in to your mouth and not via direct contact with the heating element.

Being an on demand convection vaporizer puts the HAZE Square  in the same category as the Firefly 2 and Ghost MV1. Currently there are two models –  the HAZE square and HAZE Square Pro. The HAZE Square pro has additional bluetooth features which are not available with the HAZE square such as letting you customize your 5 preset temperatures, accessing higher heating ranges ( up to 480 F on the pro vs. 430F on the regular) and customize the LED colors on your HAZE Square unit.

Four Herb Chambers

The HAZE Square operates in a very unique manner, the heating element is stationary on one side of the vaporizer and the four herb chambers can be aligned with the heating element simply by giving them a twist like your vaporizer were a Rubix cube. So if you do finish one chamber of herb you can simply move on to the next one.

This is one of the neatest aspects about the HAZE Square. You can pre pack four different chambers and each chamber will hold between .2 – .25 grams of herb. Even better is that the Square does concentrates and dry herb, so you can really combine a good amount of variety into your HAZE square. Different strains, different plants and a combination of all the above. 

HAZE Square in action

Is the HAZE Square Going to be a Game Changer ?

The initial reviews are looking very promising for the HAZE Square vaporizer. The vapor has been rated above average and for a unit that is $159.99 for the basic and $189.99 for the pro. That price point is about as good as it gets for a mid level on demand convection portable vaporizer.

We have seen some follies when rolling out new vaporizers lately , Ghost had to dial in some issues on the MV1 and Boundless just had to recall their first batch of Tera vaporizers due to plastic burn off problems. Thankfully this is not HAZE Technologies first rodeo and they have established themselves in the space. We are assuming the slow roll out will let HAZE monitor quality control and potential issues before going with the all out release.



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