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710 Vaporizer Sales & Origin of 710

This is our first 710 Vaporizer Sale and while Dabbing has been around for some time now, it has not worked its way into the mainstream until the last few years. Before the evolution of honey straws,  E-Rigs and all other concentrate vaporizers, one needed the classic rig and torch. From here the process could be rather involved with getting the banger to the right temperature, making sure you had your rig set up secure and then worrying about oil splash or accidentally burning your hand on hot glass.

While 710 is still light years away from being on par with 420, overall legalization for recreational use combined with the constant innovation of concentrate vaporizers has made 710 recognized akin to 420 with a growing number of dab purists in the cannabis community.

Origin of the Term 710

710 origin | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The term 710 originated from back in the day when the oil caps on car engines were read upside down. “OIL” flipped upside down reads 710 and thus the dia del dab was born through the grassroots proliferation of dabbers playing Operator, much like how all other 420 lingo is born. While To the Cloud Vapor Store started with herb vaporizers, the transition to dabs came naturally with award winning brands like Puffco , Grenco Science and Dr. Dabber making great plug and play vapes for wax,  shatter, rosin and the like. This is our first 710 Vaporizer Sale, but will not be our last. So without further adieu we bring our 710 Vaporizer Sales to you. 

710 Vaporizer Sales ( July 10th - July 13th 2021)


Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer  20% Off $49.95 Now $39.96  (Save $9.99) 

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer 20% Off $69.95 Now $55.96 (Save $13.99)

Dr. Dabber Stella  Vaporizer  25%  Off $99.95 Now $74.97  (Save $24.98)

Dr. Dabber Switch  Vaporizer+ Free Terp Pen   20% Off $379.95 Now $303.96  (Save $105.98) 

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo + Free Terp Pen 20% Off $329.95 Now $263.96 (Save $95.98)


Puffco 420 sales

Puffco Plus Vaporizer  20% Off $89.99 Now $72 (Save $17.99) 

Puffco Peak Vaporizer+ Free Terp Pen  20% Off $249.99  Now $200 (Save $79.98)  

Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer+ Free Terp Pen  15% Off Now $399.99 Now $340 (Save $89.98) 

Focus V

carta v2 710 sale | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Carta V2 + Free Tep Pen $60 Off with Code CartaDeal (Save $89.98) 

Grenco Science

Grenco Science 710 Sales | To the Cloud Vapor Store

G Pen Connect Vaporizer  25% Off $159.99 Now $120  (Save $39.99) 

G Pen Roam Vaporizer + Free Terp Pen  25% Off $199.99 Now $150 (Save $79.98)

Dip Devices

Dipper 710 Sales | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Evri Kit  20% Off $69.99 Now $56.00 (Save $13.99) 

Dipper Vaporizer  20% Off $99.99 Now $80.00 (Save $19.99)

710 Sales Roundup & News

Anything else not on sale we will be having 15% off to include your favorite parts & accessories as well as herb vaporizers even though this is not their day to shine we like to remain vape agnostic.

Use code 710 at checkout to save 15% on anything else not already on sale 

710 News

Dr. Dabber just released the new Sugar Sean O’Malley Boost Evo Limited Edition. While it was a little too late for Pride Month, we feel the relevance and interest in this custom edition will only rise with the success of one of UFC’s most up and coming fighters who got a TKO win on 7/10/2021 of all dates. Sean has been a huge fan of Dr. Dabber and if you follow his Instagram you will see he incorporates Dr. Dabber Vaporizers and cannabis into his training regimen.

sean o'malley limited edition boost evo | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The limited edition Boost Evo O’Malley Edition is alot like the recent Puffco Peak Pro Opal Edition Release, in that not much has really changed with the vaporizer itself besides some design tweaks. The Suga Sean edition is going to be for his fans, MMA enthusiasts or those who just want a tye dyed Boost Evo.

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