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420 vaporizer sales 2022

420 Vaporizer Sales & Clearance (2022) – The Web’s Best 4/20 Deals


One of the many benefits of being a stoner is that you get two holidays of insane bargains and deals on vaporizers and other assorted 420 goods. There is the traditional Black Friday & Cyber Monday, a standard for all retail businesses across the board and then there are the 420 sales which coincide with the April 20th celebration of the sweet sweet cheebah and all things Mary Jane. This  includes amazing deals on healthier methods of consumption like vaporizers.  

We at To the Cloud Vapor Store tend to like the 420 vaporizer sales a little more as there is a sense of pride in the 420 subculture that is not celebrated by all like the Winter solstice holidays. During the holidays our staff just want to be at home with their families and our minds and bodies get stretched thin with travel, obligations to buy gifts for our loved ones while at the same time working increased hours to provide the service our customers are accustomed to. 

It's 420 Season Baby

portable 420 vape

The 420 season on the other hand has us all hands on deck getting excited to interact with the cannabis community and share our passion for herb and concentrate vaporizers at the best prices of the year. 

420 being in late spring further elevates the mood with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer. The 420 vape sale provides an excellent opportunity to save big on your next vaporizer in time for beach or lake season. So break out your shorts and grab a vape at the best prices of  the year.

420 Vaporizer Sales & Clearance

Storz & Bickel 420 Deals

Storz & Bickel 420 sales

We’re saving the best for first. If you are wanting the best, Storz & Bickel is a brand you should spring for. With these 420 Storz & Bickel deals on both our new and refurbished you can get hundreds off the top of the line. The Mighty+ not being around last April 20th also provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade and we have just added the refurbished Mighty+ to boot.

Mighty Vaporizer  20% Off $349.00 Now $279.20 (Save $69.80)

Mighty+ Vaporizer 20% Off $399.00 Now $319.20 (Save $79.80)

Mighty Vaporizer 20% Off $349.00 Now $279.20 (Save $69.80)

Classic Volcano Vaporizer 20% Off $479.00 Now $383.20 (Save $95.80)

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer 20% Off $699.00 Now $524.40 (Save $174.60)

Plenty Vaporizer 20% Off $249.00 Now $199.20 (Save $49.80)

Crafty+ Vaporizer 20% Off $279.00 Now $223.20 (Save $55.80) 


Refurbished Plenty Vaporizer  20% Off $199.99 Now $160 (Save $39.99) 

Refurbished Classic Volcano Vaporizer 20% Off $379.99 Now $304 (Save $76) 

Refurbished Digital Volcano Vaporizer 20% Off $489.99 Now $392 (Save $98) 

Refurbished Hybrid Volcano Vaporizer 20% Off $589.99 Now $471.99 (Save $118)

Refurbished Mighty Vaporizer 20% Off $299.99 Now $232.00 (Save $57.99) 

Refurbished Crafty+ Vaporizer 20% Off $199.99 Now $159.99 (Save $40)

Ispire 420 Deals

Ispire is a brand we recently started carrying at To the Cloud Vapor Store after trying their Daab concentrate vaporizer. Their  induction heater, dubbed the  Wand, has already received high marks and let’s dabbing traditionalists keep their glass rig while ditching the torch without needing to switch 100% to an e-rig. Making it a perfect 420 gift for anyone.

Ispire Wand  20% Off $169.00 Now $135.20 (Save $33.80)

Ispire Daab Vaporizer 20% Off $299.00 Now $239.20 (Save $59.80)

Boundless Vapes 420 Deals (30% Off With Code Boundless420)

Boundless Vapes have been a mainstay in the vaporizer community for some time now.  They provide a mid level range vaporizer that functions well while remaning affordable. Our Boundless 420 sales will make it even more appealing with a free grinder on Boundless herb vapes and a whopping 30% off their already low prices.

Boundless Tera V3 Vaporizer 30% Off $179.99 Now $126 (Save $53.99)

Boundless CFX Vaporizer 30% Off $149.99 Now $105 (Save $44.99)

Boundless Vexil Vaporizer 30% Off $119.99 Now $84 (Save $35.99)

Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer 30% Off $79.99 Now $56 (Save $23.99)

Boundless CFC Vaporizer 30% Off $39.99 Now $28.00 (Save $11.99)

Boundless Terp Pen 30% Off $29.99 Now $20.99 (Save $9.00)

Davinci 420 Deals (30% Off With Code Davinci420)

IQC oil pods | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Davinci has been another stand out in the dry herb vaporizer space with their durable IQ series (IQ, IQC and IQ2) all which feature a large chamber and Zirconia vapor path for large cools hits and pretty good flavor for a conduction vaporizer. The IQ2 is one of the vaporizers we feel best emulates smoking. If you’re going to be out and about this 4/20 and want to vape without running out of herb or battery power the IQ, IQC or IQ2 are totally worth checking out and our 30% off Davinci 420 sale has you covered with the best prices.

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer  30% Off $109.00 Now $77.00 (Save $32.99)

Davinci IQC Vaporizer 30% Off $229.00 Now $160.30 (Save $68.70)

Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer 30% Off $274.99 Now $192.50 (Save $82.49)

Refurbished Davinci IQ Vaporizer 30% Off $139.99 Now $98.00 (Save $41.99)

Dr. Dabber 420 Deals

Dr. Dabber produces the best desktop e-rig around in the Switch Vaporizer.  The simple fact they use high quality inputs in making this behemoth tank of an electronic rig mean it costs alot (both for Dr. Dabber to make and customers to buy) the Dr. Dabber 420 sale provides a a great time to pick one of these up if you have been wanting it. Also select Dr. Dabber 420 deals come with a free 510 battery.

Dr. Dabber Switch  Vaporizer+ Free 510 Battery   20% Off $374.95 Now $299.96  (Save $74.99) 

Dr. Dabber Stella  Vaporizer  20%  Off $99.95 Now $74.97  (Save $24.98)

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo + Free 510 Battery 20% Off $299.95 Now $239.96 (Save $59.99)

Refurbished Dr. Dabber Switch + Free 510 Battery 20% Off $299.99 Now $240 (Save $59.99)

Puffco 420 Deals

Puffco 420 sales

Puffco makes some of the most popular concentrate vaporizers on the market with their Puffco Peak and now Puffco Peak Pro creating the design which all others followed. Puffco is not one to permit heavy discounting and that is why their items are so hard to find on sale from Puffco authorized vendors. The good news is the 420 sale is one of those times we are allowed to discount while still providing you with Puffco’s  warranty which you will not get with unauthorized vendors. Better yet were throwing you a 510 battery with your Peak or Peak Pro purchase.

Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer + Free 510 Battery 20% Off $399.99 Now $319.99 (Save $80.00) 

Puffco Peak Vaporizer + Free Terp Pen 20% Off $249.99 Now $200 (Save $49.99) 

Refurbished Puffco Peak Vaporizer 20% Off $189.99 Now $152 (Save $37.99)

Puffco Plus Vaporizer 20% Off $89.99 Now $72.00 (Save $17.99)

Firefly 420 Deals

Flavor chasers rejoice. The Firefly 2+ is the leading herb vaporizer for those looking to extract the most taste out of their herb. While it may be a tad tricky to dial in once you do you will never have tasted anything so good. The Firefly Vaporizer line up is a top pick amongst growers and strain specific users. While Firefly now only produces one vaporizer ( the Firefly 2+) we are offering our Firefly 420 deals on the refurbished Firefly 2 and Firefly 2+ to give you even greater savings. You also get a free grinder with all Firefly vaporizers.

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer  20% Off  $249.95  Now $199.96  (Save $40) 

Refurbished Firefly 2+ Vaporizer 20% Off $189.99 Now $152 (Save $37.99) 

Refurbished Firefly 2 Vaporizer 20% Off $159.99 Now $128.00 (Save $31.99)

Arizer 420 Deals

Arizer 420 sales

Arizer is responsible for making some of the most straightforward no frills vaporizers in the mid tier price range. They have discounted their vaporizers over the years in order to keep up with competition and their Arizer Extreme Q and Arizer SOLO 2 are seen as the best price to quality buys. The Arizer 420 sale makes that even more appealing with 20% off across the line to include even the new XQ2 desktop vaporizer. Yep and Arizer is another brand you get a free grinder with when you pick one up on our 420 vape sale.

Arizer SOLO 2 Vaporizer 20% Off $164.99 Now $132.00 (Save $32.99) 

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer 20% Off $149.99 Now $119.99 (Save $30) 

Arizer Argo Vaporizer 20% Off $154.99 Now $124.00 (Save $30.99) 

Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer 20% Off $169.99 Now $135.99 (Save $34)

Grenco Science (G Pen) 420 Deals

Grenco Science makers of all things G Pen was known in the past for their inexpensive wax pens and entry level portable herb vaporizers. They have begun upping their game and are now all over the place with cheap herb vapes to  pricier mid tier concentrate vaporizers. You really need to do your research when buying a G Pen as they are not all created equally. They are a company which has been around for a minute and we both enjoy using their vaporizers and can vouch that they will take care of your support queries should you ever need it.  If you are looking for a second cheaper herb vape the 420 vape sale is a perfect time to pick up one of Grenco’s lower end units. If you are looking for some portable dabs the G Pen Connect has been a best seller.

G Pen Roam Vaporizer   20% Off $199.99 Now $160.00 (Save $39.99)

G Pen Connect Vaporizer  20% Off $149.95 Now $119.96 (Save $29.99)

G Pen Elite Vaporizer   20% Off $99.99 Now $79.96  (Save $19.99)

G Pen Pro Vaporizer 20% Off $69.95 Now $55.96 ( Save $13.99)

G Pen Dash Vaporizer   20% Off $69.95 Now $55.96  (Save $13.99)

420 Clearance Sale

it’s always a 420 sale here on our clearance section. Select vaporizers we do not carry, promotional goods such as grinders, water pipes, trays and open box or damaged packaging goods (which are marked accordingly) no doubt provide the best 420 deals you will find on the web. Shop our 420 clearance goods which are already on sale, no code needed.

2022 420 Vaporizer Sales Round Up

Our 2022 420 vaporizer sales promise to be some of the most expansive yet with adding select new brands and offering insane clearance deals. To the Cloud Vapor Store is an  authorized retailer of every brand we carry and your new vaporizer purchase will come with the manufacturer’s warranty. We back our refurbished vaporizers with a 6 month warranty. We further offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on your vaporizer purchase.

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