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420 Volcano vaporizer sale

420 Vaporizer Sales at To the Cloud Vapor Store

2018's 420 Vaporizer Sales

Those 420 Vaporizer Sales are just around the corner and with April 20, 2018 falling on a Friday you are going to want a vaporizer that will keep the festivities going all day and night. But more importantly you are going to want to score the best deals on the best vaporizers because we all know deep down everyday is 420.

To the Cloud Vapor Store is happy to help you get ready with the best 420 Vaporizer Sales on the internet.  In the vaporizer industry, 4/20 vape sales are on par with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I guess people who are buying cannabis vaporizers kind of figure the 420 holiday  which celebrates the plant will indeed have some good deals.

Well here are some special 420 vaporizer deals for our readers, because we have to reward you a bit more  for doing your homework on the best 420  sales out there. 

The Best 420 Vaporizer Deals - No Codes Needed

Used Vaporizers


Refurbished Firefly 2 $279    On Sale $229.99

Refurbished Arizer SOLO 2 $189.99 On Sale $149.99 

Refurbished Davinci IQ $219.99 On Sale $179.99

New Vaporizers


Herbalizer with Free C vault $599 On Sale $549.99 

Hydrology 9 $249.99 On Sale $199.99

Davinci IQ with Free Aerospaced Grinder $274.99 On Sale $219.99

Arizer AIR 2 with Free Aerospaced Grinder $229.99 On Sale $184.99

Boundless CFX $169.99 On Sale $129.99

HAZE V3 $249.99 On Sale $189.99

G Pen Elite $149.95 On Sale $109.99


Other 420 Vaporizer Deals - Use Code: its420

Make sure to use promo code its420 to knock off 15%  on all our other vaporizers which are not already on sale. With this code You can get a considerable amount off vaporizers such as the world class Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel – better yet the 420 Volcano Vaporizer sale code not only applies to the new Volcano but also to our refurbished Volcano Vaporizer as well as and of course includes the Mighty, Crafty and Plenty and all the other great vaporizers we carry at To the Cloud Vapor Store.

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