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2018-19 Vaporizer Holiday Sales & Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to get high on mistletoe, evergreens and the spirit of giving, but what to wrap for the cannabis vape fans in your world that will render them speechless? Only but the best herb vaporizers will do,  to make sure the season is celebrated to the max.

Given the recent spate of expansive laws legalizing marijuana use, your timing couldn’t be better in terms of gifting those who are near and dear to you with the plethora of useful products currently on the market.

Christmas 2018 vaporizer sales

Vaping vs. Smoking?

Whether you’ve already become a convert or you’re flirting with breaking up with your faithful joints and joining the vaping crowd, we’ve got a few reasons to make the conversion—especially if you tend to become attached to habits. Did you know that kicking smokes and becoming a world-class vaporist could extend your life and keep you healthier?

Furthermore as Stated by VICE: “Vaporizing is more efficient because you are not literally burning half the material trying to get to the benefit of the other half.” Besides, small amounts of cannabis can be stretched further if you don’t light up.

V is for Victory Over Boring Holiday Gifts

Another sweater ? Puhleeze. Forget a case of beer. The people in your life deserve better. Holiday vaporizer deals are your solution to legendary gift-giving, and the great  product library of vaporizers has been know to trigger happy dances among recipients who won’t say, “You shouldn’t have!” To the Cloud Vapor Store boasts the best inventory with trial period rates (permitting returns on your Christmas & Holiday vaporizer gift), priority shipping and lifetime trade-in benefits. In other words, these are the sweetest holiday vaporizer deals.

The Mighty Vaporizer

When your holiday list is topped by a friend or relative deserving of the best, consider the Mighty Vaporizer. It’s manufactured by one of Germany’s most reputable manufacturers, Storz & Bickel, and from the hand-pleasing ergonomic design to enjoying twice the battery power, solid construction and high-quality materials, your gift will produce pure, dense vapor output from a unit that never gets too hot to handle.

Choose your favorite grind; the Mighty Vaporizer handles a range of coarse or fine herbs and this gift find even vibrates to signal its readiness to deliver courtesy of new wave thermal technology. Even the battery on the 2018 Mighty is 20-percent more powerful than previous iterations and everything you need—from power adapter to extra O-rings, a cleaning brush and user manual—is included.

15% Off With Code Holidaze

90 Day Trial | Free C Vault

Mighty vaporizer Christmas Sale

The Volcano Vaporizer

They’re twin brothers of different mothers: a pair of the highest-performing vaporizers on today’s market. Yes, both come with impressive price tags, but features and benefits justify either one when you want to give the very best.Volcano Vaporizer Christmas Sale

The Classic Volcano’s electromechanical system is an engineering marvel; a convection system that pinpoints vapor delivery at between 226- and 446-degrees F. German excellence shows in the stainless steel and plastic materials used shape this vaporizer, and for users who aren’t easily impressed, tell them that the Classic Volcano Vaporizer is intuitive, delivering smooth hits and maximum potency. Included with the Classic is the Easy Valve Starter Kit and 5 prefabricated bags that make awesome party-starters.


The Digital Volcano is the same as the classic with a digital temperature Readout and 30 minute automatic shutoff. Storz & Bickel insist that the Volcano vaporizer is “the perfect marriage of durability and design” and if you’re all about investing in one high-quality vaporizer for eternity, this is it. Referred to by those in the know as “the best and most sought-after high-end vaporizer in the world today,” this is no modest statement in terms of unique design, one-of-a-kind vacuum pump system, “easy valve,” filling chamber and an accessory kit that does everything but chat you up as you fire it up.

15% Off With Code Holidaze

90 Day Trial Period | Bonus Accessory

Volcano Vaporizer Christmas Sale

The Arizer SOLO 2

‘Tis the season to be selfish, so while you’re treating your besties why not snag an Arizer SOLO 2 for yourself? Seriously, the SOLO 2 offers an easy to understand vaporizer  all boxed up and ready for gifting at affordable pricing. The Arizer SOLO 2 is probably the best vaporizer for the money currently on the market and there is no learning curve , which will have you vaping straight out of the box.  The usual warranty comes with the SOLO 2 and we were impressed by rave reviews, especially from those who love the Arizer brand thanks to the original SOLO experience.

Our fav review? The generous guy who bought one for his mom to help deliver rheumatoid arthritis pain medicine. He feels better knowing she’s vaping and not smoking! This second iteration of the Solo has been built to exacting standards, so you’ll make anyone on your shopping list positively blissful if they open their holiday box to find this product inside.

15% Off WIth Code Holidaze

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Arizer SOLO 2 Christmas Sale

The Puffco Peak

Puffo a name known for quality dabbing since 2013. The Puffco Peak will up your gift-giving cred to the dabber in your life if you wrap and put this new, technologically state-of-the-art dabber (known for showing up competitors) under a tree. Users get a traditional dab in a sleek 7- x 2.75-inch casing with single button control, rechargeable battery, ceramic bowl and four temperature settings.

Simplicity is the keyword here, but it’s the start-up speed that may impress gift recipients most: it takes only 20 seconds to heat up. Once it’s going, users select optimal temperatures that range from 450- to 600-degrees. “Sesh-Mode” rules when dabbing with friends, and the accessory package is loaded: a case, USB charger, two ceramic bowls, cleaning swabs and loading tool. You supply the good wishes.

Free Dab Container

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Puffco Peak Christmas Sale

The Ghost MV1

Can a vaporizer be sexy? The answer is yes if it happens to be the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer. Because this product is unique, set-up time and the user’s learning curve could take a little time to learn, but once the Ghost is mastered, it might become your daily use vaporizer. The Ghost Delivers a misty and power packed punch of vapor with absolutely no draw resistance. It is considered by many to be the vaporizer that gives you the most effect from your herb.

Ghost MV1 christmas sale holiday bundle

Making the Holiday’s Brighter from now until January 2nd, 2019 Your Ghost MV1 will come with a free 4 piece grinder, Fast Charger and Crucible Dispenser – allowing you to optimize the Ghost with faster battery charge times and pre packed herb for on the go.

$100 in Free Accessories

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Ghost MV1 holiday bundle for sale Christmas

Stocking Stuffers

Despite trial period rates, trade-in potential and healthy guarantees, not every gift giver can fork over enough cash to treat their favorite people to vaporizing experiences of a lifetime. That’s why we offer solutions that won’t require you to dip into your 401K.

Fill a few stockings. Little things mean a lot and there is no  shortage of affordable presents Included on our shortlist such as the G Pen Elite Vaporizer or Vapium Summit Plus both good vaporizers for the beginner vaporist which won’t break the bank 


Treat folks to SLX Grinders. Thanks to the SLX Grinder’s non-stick surface coating, resin build-up is non-issue. Stuck herb bits? Nope. The SLX is a game changer for more than just its smooth surface; it’s engineered with ultra-sharp teeth for a uniform, consistent grind. Further, the bottom sifter screen doesn’t require threading and aerospace-grade aluminum construction promises years of faithful use at a price that’s doable.

Give C Vault Storage Containers. We saved this affordable storage container suggestion for last to leave you with a good impression. Two versions of this airtight, food-grade stainless steel humidifier are available for less than the cost of a few fast-food meals. Plants stay fresh because no light penetrates solid casing and humidity can’t compromise contents thanks to the Boveda pack that’s included. Folks on your gift list will fall all over themselves thanking you. Our advice? Be gracious and accept their gratitude. You never know what they may do to reciprocate next year.


So whatever vaporizer you are looking to give or receive this Holiday Season To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with an extensive selection of the best new and used vaporizers all which come with a 60 or 90 day return window and lifetime trade ins for store credit. With offers like this , this will be a Holidays not to disappoint.

Storz & Bickel Acquired by Canopy Growth

What This Could Mean For S&B Vape Lovers

It was announced last week Canopy Growth, a leader in the cannabis space, had Acquired German Vaporizer manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, for 145 million Euros or 165 Million Dollars.

With the acquisition, Canopy Growth will gain access to the extensive patent library of Storz & Bickel – allowing for collaborative design of proprietary vaporizers under the penmanship of Canopy Growth. 

The deal which keeps founders Marcus Storz and Jürgen Bickel on board will also give Storz & Bickel access to greater opportunity through access to more resources. 


It is a bold statement on the part of Canopy to harpoon the German Vaporizer manufacturer. While Storz & Bickel are known for making the best dry herb vaporizers around, this segment of the market is still peanuts when compared to the cannabis market as a whole. Personally we at To the Cloud Vapor Store think $165 Million is a rather low ball price to acquire such a technology leader in the vaporizer space. And Canopy is placing a rather safe bet on their domination and growth to continue as global legalization becomes all but certain in the coming decades.

While the knee jerk reaction is to lament the deal , seeing small niche companies which are loved and supported by loyal customers be acquired by big money,   here is why this deal could turn out to be a good thing for Storz & Bickel enthusiasts.

New Vaporizers

Storz & Bickel has been around since 2000 and have produced the Volcano, Plenty, Crafty and Mighty –  That is all. 4 vaporizers make up their entire Storz & Bickel arsenal over the last twenty years and they dominate the global market.

It’s hard to imagine any company with only four products over roughly twenty years dominating the space they are in. With an aggressive expansion plan by Canopy and Canopy having their own patents we will could see some new vaporizers coming to market very soon.


Marcus and Jürgen Still Driving The Bus

While the exact specifics of the deal have not been released to the public , Storz & Bickel will continue to oversee operations and will do so for the near future.  Any worries of total change should be swept aside. With the possibility Canopy acquired Storz & Bickel solely for the anticipated organic growth over the years of the vaporizer line up, there will be no major changes and all will remain the same


Better Customer Service

We hear it all the time from our customers and in the forums, Storz & Bickel have the best vaporizers but not that great of customer service. I think anyone who has gone to either of their headquarters in Tuttlingen or Oakland would be surprised at how few employees are working at this vaporizer behemoth. Being a German company focused on efficiency not too much man power is put towards communication. If you have an issue with your vaporizer you fill out a form online, get an automated response, send it in and get it back repaired. There is no number to call and inquire about where your repair is at what exact time, what is a matter with it etc. It is a company that is more focused on operation than on customer service.  

Being given a larger umbrella we could see some greater influence on the communication side of the business that interacts with customers.


Possible Price Decreases of the Vaporizer

We have already seen this with two price drops from Storz & Bickel in the past. With the fierce competition in the cannabis and vaporizer space many vaporizers are now much cheaper than when they were first released. As mentioned above they are a rather small company employee wise given how large their footprint is. With greater financial backing it is possible they could reach greater economies of scale with their vaporizers at a lower price and further decimate the competition.


At the end of the day we will have to see what the Canopy Growth Deal brings.  The Cannabis vaporizer market has changed rapidly but Storz & Bickel have remained a constant on top. This is a brand loved by many and is not going anywhere. We can only hope the Canopy Deal brings us the next great Storz & Bickel vaporizer.

2018 Black Friday Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sales

2018 Black Friday Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sales

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 is nearly upon us and apart from the grand old Holiday Sales  of 4/20, this is the time of year when deals are to be had. If you’ve been eyeing a top of the line herb vaporizer such as the Volcano, Puffco Peak  or Ghost MV1, but the sticker shock has made you wary, do not worry To the Cloud Vapor Store is leading the way this Black Friday Cyber Monday with the best vaporizer sales on the internet.

2018 Black Friday Cyber Monday Vaporizer salesTo the Cloud Vapor Store will be kicking off our annual Black Friday Cyber Monday Vaporizer sales starting on Thanksgiving and will run until Midnight Monday 26th 2018. What’s even better is we offer a trial period and lifetime exchanges on all our vaporizers sold, making To the Cloud Vapor Store the perfect spot to pick up the gift of vapor this Holiday Season.


Coupon Codes and Deals

15% OFF SITE WIDE – CODE TOTHECLOUD  (not valid on sales items) 

$100 OFF the Classic Volcano ( no code needed) 

$100 OFF the Digital Volcano ( no code needed )

$80 OFF the Mighty ( no code needed)

$70 OFF the Crafty ( no code needed)

$50 OFF the Plenty ( no code needed)

Which Storz & Bickel Vaporizer is the best


ghost mv1 fast charger and ghost mv1

$80 OFF the Firelfy 2 (no code needed)

$50 OFF the Hydrology 9 (no code needed)

$75 OFF the DaVinci IQ (no code needed)

$40 OFF the Grenco Science G Pen Elite  (no code needed)

We will be adding to this list all the way up until the glorious day the sales begin. We are also happy to price match or beat any competitor’s offers to ensure you get the best deal on your vaporizers this Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

The Fake Firefly 2 Has Arrived: Keep Yourself Safe With these Simple Steps

Well it took some time but the counterfeiters have cracked the code on the Firefly 2 , and quite  literally. Up until now bluetooth vaporizers have been safe from cheap knock offs. The closest the Chinese came to a successful run with counterfeiting a bluetooth vaporizer was with the PAX 3, diverting buyers to a different app they themselves created – hardly a success and easy to spot. The bluetooth feature made spotting counterfeits as easy as syncing your vape with your phone, and it made our job much easier, not having to constantly  warn the unsuspecting consumer.

Years after the Firefly 2’s release the counterfeiters have managed to hack the app , permitting the fake devices to pair with the actual Firefly 2 app. What makes this more alarming is the timing and status quo. Given counterfeit Firelfy 2’s have not popped up until now and the uber popular vaporizer has been out since 2016 the assumption is there are no fakes of this model. Furthermore advice we have dimmsementated in the past said simply sync your device to the app, if it syncs , it’s legit.

However not all is lost, counterfeiters make an inferior product and sell it for much cheaper. Riddled with cheap components and corners cut,  the counterfeit Firefly 2 vaporizer is easy to spot. Below are some simple steps to spot and avoid the fake Firelfy 2s altogether.

Check the Serial Number

Fake Firefly 2 vs. real Firefly 2

At the moment the first batch of fake Firefly 2s are not sporting a serial number (on the sleeve of the box or under the battery on the unit). The serial number though is the first refinement of the counterfeiters and the next generation of fake Firefly 2s will more than likely have a spoof serial number. They tend to release the fakes this way so by the time we release this information the next batch of fakes will have serials,making it so someone who skims this article will say, “Oh good, my Firefly 2 has a serial, it must be real.”

The Battery

The fake Firefly 2  battery is not as heavy, not as dark in color and feels cheaper to the touch. However with no reference even the pictures we provide won’t do it  justice. Interestingly enough the battery on the fake was one of the first things I noticed as it doesn’t have the small protracted piece on top allowing for easy removal of the battery with a fingernail, like you get with the authentic Firefly 2 battery.

fake firefly 2 battery


Fake Firefly 2 mouthpiece

The fake mouthpiece has a red band and doesn’t click when placed back into the unit. With the authentic Firefly 2 you will hear ( or feel) the tiniest of clicks when the mouthpiece is seated correctly back into the unit. The plastic on the fake mouthpiece feels a tad cheaper and the metal they used for the particle catcher is a bit more rough in finish and darker in color on the knock off.

Borosilicate Glass

Firefly 2 vapor path fake glass

One amazing feature which gives the Firefly 2 it’s signature taste is the borosilate glass on the top unit and underneath the lid. Your vapor runs through this from the chamber before being corralled into your mouth. Alarming on the fake Firefly 2 is the darker color of the imitation glass, which we are not even certain if it is glass. A quick way to spot this would be to use the lid like a mirror. The authentic Firefly 2 will reflect much like a mirror. The fake Firefly 2 will be very dark and will only reflect a fraction. This is one of the quality control points we were touching on – Gorilla and Borosilicate glass don’t come cheap, so the imitators use an inferior material.

Magnetized Screws

Not being an engineer I am uncertain if there is an advantage to the authentic Firefly 2 having magnetized screws. Albeit if you want to check if your unit is a fake or real, simply taking out the screws and checking their magnetism is a quick way to be in the know.

Herb Chamber

The ceramic chamber on the fake and the authentic are a one for one. Ceramic material is great for vaporizers as it is inexpensive , sturdy and safe. Where the two diverge is the screen / heating plate. The fake again utilizes a much cheaper and less polished metal. We have seen a similar pattern with other knock offs such as the Digital Volcano. The metals used are a less refined dirtier material – a cost saving measure by the counterfeiters which becomes a health risk over repeated use at high temperatures.

Disassembling the Firefly 2

inside the Fake Firelfy 2

Taking apart the unit you can see and feel the differences in quality. The coil for example on the authentic unit is seated by a white plastic piece. Also on the authentic a cardboard buffer underneath the heating element to absorb and redirect heat making the unit more insulated. It comes down to more features which serve a purpose to enhance the Vaporizer’s longevity and function versus corners cut on the fakes to churn out a unit for $25 to sell on Ebay for $229 with a free hat to fool you. 

Fake firefly 2 vs real Firefly 2 vaporizer

Avoid Ebay

We’ve said it time and time again. 99% of the counterfeits are going to be sold on 3rd party sites such as Ebay,  Amazon and Bonanza. The seller’s lie about being authorized. Claim it has warranty, entice you with extras and even have great feedback. (Many of these seller accounts can be purchased with great feedback, but that is a rant for another day)  

Ebay Fake Vaporizers


The short of it is these sellers are not authorized, but Firefly doesn’t have the manpower to scour Ebay all day looking for sellers hucking fakes. If you don’t want to end up with a fake vaporizer your best bet is to avoid Ebay altogether.

Buy the Authentic Firefly 2

SAVE 15% With Promo Code: VAPENOW15

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

New Ghost MV1 Stealth Black Edition

Ghost Vapes  rolled out the new Stealth Black Ghost MV1 Vaporizer  today after announcing that they had something on deck for rollout the previous week. We had speculated it would be a completely  new vaporizer or possibly a line of new accessories to accompany the Ghost MV1 but our speculation proved incorrect.

Regardless we are excited for the new Stealth Black Ghost MV1 and think it will be a big hit due to a few features, some which are inclusive to only the Stealth Black and other improvements which are now being seen across the board on all colors of the Ghost MV1 lineup.


Matte Finish

The new Stealth Black edition Ghost MV1 is all matte black from the mouthpiece to the heatsink . Yes. Ghost does already have a black chrome unit but it is comprised of a more shiny metal finish and lacks the total black out color seein on the new Stealth Edition. The original MV1’s  finish has made it prone to scratching and fingerprint stains with heavy use.  The new Stealth Edition Ghost MV1 will mitigate any  cosmetic woes, making the outside of your MV1 as durable as the inside. This is a move which we have seen before with PAX Labs manufacturing matte colors of the PAX 3 due to many customers complaining about the fingerprints on the polished Ghost MV1 stealth matte black editionfinish of the originals.


On the backside of the vaporizer where the heat button sits there were some previous issues with paint thinning with repeated use. Albeit this was a very small percentage and we personally never saw first hand, it was still an issue Ghost Vapes has addressed with the new edition Ghost MV1 switching to a Matte UV finish like you see on the front of the unit.


Updates On All Ghost MV1 Vaporizers 

Although most people got their hopes up for an entirely different vaporizer the announcement of the new Stealth Edition Ghost MV1 was a great way to bring attention to the improvements which have been made across the board on all Ghost MV1 Vaporizers.


Updated Firmware 

The great news is that the updated firmware(version 1.4) is  available to all Ghost MV1 users through the app. We have been enjoying our very first Ghost MV1 over here without issue for almost two years now. It is nice to know every unit will be available to access any firmware updates through the iOS App.  With this Firmware update you will be able to customize your indicator lights , making it possible to decide whether you want to see the heat level indicator lights first or the battery indicator lights first in the sequence.


Better Fitting All Around 

The other refinements include an improved heat sink,  mouthpiece and crucible latch which opens and closes without the extra pressure and elbow grease once  needed. These improvements have been on the Ghost MV1 vaporizers for a few months now, but the release of the New Stealth edition has brought it to the attention of the vapor community.

The improved heat sink seats more even and the new fiberglass mouthpiece slides with less friction, previously this had caused redirected airflows leading to lost vapor production.


The Stealth Edition MV1 is Here To Stay 

The word we have from Ghost Vapes is the new Black Matte Stealth Edition of the Ghost MV1 is here to stay, so don’t feel rushed into buying it this instant. With the improvements across the board on all Ghost MV1 Vaporizers you can’t go wrong with Rose Gold or the Silver as well. The Stealth Edition merely provides an aesthetic mix up to an already great vaporizer.

Buy the Stealth Black Ghost MV1

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Ghost mV1 stealth black for sale at to the cloud vapor store

Ghost Vapes New Product Already ?

So it has come to our attention Ghost Vapes, makers of the new blockbuster vaporizer,  the Ghost MV1,  already has something new in the mix. Granted the Ghost MV1 has been in prototype for around 2 years now , the MV1 did just hit the market in mass, so seeing a new product out so soon would very ambitious of the vaporizer start up.

The only information we have at the moment is this picture which Ghost Vapes posted on their homepage and all their social media accounts , Friday October 12th. So let us go ahead and speculate a tad on what it could be the big new Ghost Vapes is waiting to share

.Ghost Vapes new product

Ghost MV1 App Update

The Ghost MV1 app does the trick and  vaporizer apps as a whole aren’t that cool. You need to turn your vaporizer on and change the temperature. The Davinci IQ probably has one of the more advanced apps allowing you to set your vaporizer to change temperatures at a preset time and to be honest not that many people care. Personally I find it a pain to use my phone for a simple increase in temperature. I would much rather just do it all on the vaporizer itself.

For Ghost Vapes to build  suspense ahead of the release  I would guess it is more than some new features on the app or a new software which makes the MV1 colors change. So would likely rule this out.

New Ghost MV1 software updates

New Ghost MV1 Accessories

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer has been creating quite a stir , but most of the focus has been on the vaporizer alone. With the initial hiccups in early production and the learning curve behind using the Ghost MV1, most of Ghost’s attention has been focused on educating customers how to properly optimize their Ghost MV1.

With the improvements in the vaporizer over time and more users being educated enough to assist other Ghost MV1 newbies the company may have been able devote time into growing their product line. Currently Ghost does not have a plethora of accessories so it could be the introduction of a new product line of add ons to accompany your MV1.


Furthermore 3rd party accessories such as water pipe adapters, cases and custom mouthpieces have been rather popular but are also marked up a considerable amount thus providing good margins. We recently saw Arizer come out with their own line of water pipe adapter mouthpieces after seeing 3rd party sellers have success in this area.


It makes sense that Ghost could be building some suspense behind releasing a handful of new accessories and parts given they are lacking in that realm at the moment. I would venture to say if it is some add ons for your MV1 it would have to be a handful of items or one that really let’s you modify your MV1 in a pretty drastic way,  as again building the suspense for a case or a water pipe adapter would be a little overkill.

Ghost Vapes' New Vaporizer

Given how Ghost Vapes rolled out the MV1 over time with a soft release, announcing a new prototype makes sense. Looking at their Instagram post from Friday October 12th  when they posted the secret curtain photo they hashtagged product of the day and vape pen. I may be reading too much into this as they hash tagged head shop as well and IGhost vapes' new product doubt the big news is they are opening a brick and mortar location down in Southern California.

A smaller version of the Ghost MV1 does make sense as the size and weight of the Ghost MV1 make is hard to pick up and pocket at a moment’s notice. It’s a great vaporizer for around the house or on a hike,  but if I am going to the Slightly Stoopid concert I’m packing the PAX 3 or better yet just taking my Puffco Plus with a prefilled cartridge.

I say this because the MV1 was heavily marketed at Slightly Stoopid’s Summer 2017 Sounds of Summer Tour. If going after this demographic of young and hip canna connoisseurs, they’re going to need something more compact and lightweight that can be taken in and out of a pair of board shorts and used for a quick hit in under 10 seconds.


Personally I believe it is going to be a high end accessory or new vaporizer prototype that will again see a soft release to be refined  over time by the Vape Life community to become the block buster hit the Ghost MV1 vaporizer has become. Ghost Vapes has scored  a home run with the MV1 and if they can keep it up will be recognized amongst the ranks of the vaporizer elites ala Storz & Bickel, Davinci and Firefly.

So stay tuned and subscribe to our email list to find out what Ghost Vapes is releasing to us next. We will be happy to share everything we know when it comes available and will add on to this post.





Updated Review for the Boundless Tera V3 Vaporizer

Boundless Tera V3 Updated Review

As is becoming all too known amongst vaporizer enthusiasts, being the first to pull the trigger on a brand new vaporizer can often lead to buyer’s remorse if all the kinks have not been worked out in production and presale. We’ve seen it most recently with the Ghost MV1 and the Boundless Tera , but with reputable companies standing behind their vaporizers , these issues have been expediently resolved.

The Boundless Tera had a previous snaffu in production but has since been fixed, which you can read about hereWith  the problems all worked out a few months ago we realize we are late to the party, but better late than never.

Design and Build

The Boundless Tera V3  Vaporizer is a simplistic portable convection vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates. Although we will mainly cover the aspect of using it for flower and herbs.

The Simple design and function of the vaporizer extend to the presentation. The vaporizer looks sleek and feels sturdy, as it should for a mid level vaporizer. It’s not a Luxury vaporizer but isn’t trying to be one either.

The Boundless Tera case is a metal body cased in plastic. The chamber is stainless steel. It feels strong in the hand and has a slight weight to it. Not one you want to put in your sweatpants pocket but can easily be taken around the house or in a purse or backpack for longer trips.

Boundless Tera vaporizer


  • Weight (w/batteries): 10 Oz.
  • Height: 3.5 inches
  • Length: 1.75 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Chamber: .4 grams

Best Deal on the Tera Here

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Ease of Use

The Tera V3 is easy to use out of the box. The minor hangups being figuring out the control panel and the convection screen that sits atop the the heating element. The last being it requires a few (2-3 burn offs) to fully mitigate any factory byproduct.

To power the Tera on, hit the power button 5 times. Adjust the temperature via the two buttons on the side and hold both down simultaneously to adjust between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

My initial issue was not knowing that I had to then hold the power button down again to get the unit to heat up. Also if you hit the power button three times when the unit is powered on it will switch you over to concentrate mode. Concentrate mode automatically heads to 500 degrees and you cannot adjust the temperature.  Switching between concentrate mode and herb mode is very easy with the three clicks but can be a hangup if you don’t know what you are doing. It makes sense they have these two modes separate as a new user could begin to use the vaporizer at 500 degrees for dry herb and then claim it combusts the material. Since the herb settings only go to 428 degrees there is no concern for this. 

Boundless Tera V3 vaporizer from the top

The second hang up, not knowing why there was a screen which sits ¾ of the way down into the chamber. This is just the convection screen to create distance between your herb and the heating element. It’s important to have this screen clean and inplace when filling your chamber. When discarding your vaped herb also do be careful not to discard the screen into the toilet or garbage.

The third thing which threw me for a loop was the multiple mouthpieces. One is a water adapter, one if the regular swivel mouthpiece and one is a glass mouthpiece. I had thought the glass mouthpiece a potpourri diffuser but it is just a normal mouthpiece which actually produces bigger clouds and has better flavor.

Boundless Tera Different mouthpieces

Other than that you just load your herb, turn your vaporizer on , put in your preferred mouthpiece and draw away. Since the Tera V3  is convection but not on demand convection you don’t need to worry about the timing of hitting a heating mechanism in relation to your draw. For Ease of Use the Tera V3 is a winner and can hit 400 degrees (F) from a cold start in under 20 seconds so it is ready in a jiffy  – an added bonus making ease of use even better. 


The Tera V3 Vaporizer  gives you power to pack for large sessions. The chamber can hold up to .4 grams and works best when at least ½ way full. Two things that I find ironic here are how much herb you can save with the Tera’s convection heating style but how it performs best when packed at least half full. You will get some draws with lesser amounts but the Tera is not a good vape to microdose with.

Dosing Capsules Hack – One way which can optimize using the Tera with smaller amounts of herb is via the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules. Here you can get some good hits with .1 grams of herb or so. I found the best results with the dosing capsules in my Tera came when I removed the convection screen so I didn’t have two barriers impeding airflow through my dosing capsule.

Where the Tera falls short in Micro Dosing it makes up for in group sessions. While I admit I have not used the Tera in a group setting the Water PIpe Adapter (WPA) they include with the Tera and the number of hits I am getting with .25 grams of herb make the Tera a very good candidate to pass around with your Pals.

Draws –  With about .2 – .25 grams of herb I can get a good 20+ draws , these are moderate draws and not huge rippers, however they all have been in the 380 – 410 Fahrenheit Range. I have also found I get better results from stirring after about 10 draws. Extrapolating this I would assume you could have a rather good session with a friend or two even after attacking the Tera doing massive bong rips, but that a stop and stir would be required.

Battery Life  

The removable dual 18650 batteries are what makes the Tera V3 pump out some of the biggest clouds around,  heat up in under 20 seconds and last for 8 – 10 sessions on a single charge. The big issue with this much battery is what goes up must come down. The Tera needs around 3 hours if charging via micro USB to rejuice it’s batteries to 100%. For removable 18650 batteries we’ve always recommended external chargers to get you back in action fastest. An added benefit of the Tera using dual 18650s is that you can always load some extra while another pair charges on the external charger.

tera vaporizer water pipe


I really enjoyed how Boundless included all the extra mouthpieces especially the water pipe adapter. This adds a level to any vaporizer and is generally sold as a third party  add on which the customer must purchase themselves.

The glass mouthpiece gives better flavor with a more opened vapor path but the vapor gets much hotter than with the swivel mouthpiece.

For concentrates in the Tera I was not much of a fan, with the stand off distance from heating element to material being rather large ,even when drawing vigorously, I was not getting much and what I did get was hot vapor. I remedied that by one thing I love to do –  top of my herb with concentrates and throw them in the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules. Since the Tera is dosing capsules compatible this permits for the customization to mix herb and wax together without worrying about a mess.

Vapor Quality

I had some mixed opinions on the Tera V3’s Vapor Quality. I liked how I was able to get big clouds but they came at the price of hot vapor in the upper temperature ranges. Starting out my sessions at the lower temperatures I found flavor to be the highlight. These were draws feeling out the vaporizer, which were light and around 375 degrees. Vapor texture was okay and taste was really good.

As my session continued and I increased the temperature the flavor of my herb diminished in flavor a bit and the vapor got hotter. I felt the taste of my herb changed much to rapidly from good to not good, in around 4 draws. 

With really big pulls I felt the texture was a tad better but the vapor was on the warm end and lacking flavor.

In summary it was the expense of laying down the large clouds the Tera is capable of which diminished the taste and texture of the vapor.

Try the Tera V3 Vaporizer

I would recommend someone try the Tera if they’re looking for a high capacity mid level session vaporizer with alot of battery power that can lay down large clouds. The ideal vapor enthusiast would be someone who may want  to spring for the Crafty but can handle a step down in vapor quality for the difference in price and other facets such as the superior battery power, heat up time and larger chamber offered by the Tera V3.

Another ideal consumer would be someone who wants to pack large amounts for multiple uses over time at lower temperatures. At lower temperatures ( under 370 degrees) the flavor is better and since your herb will only be taxed when you draw the Tera V3 makes an ideal unit to pack full and use over multiple sessions.

Since the issue with the materials in the heating chamber have been worked out we are liking our Tera V3 unit and think you will too.

Arizer SOLO 2 and Storz & Bickel Mighty: The Two Most Popular Vaporizers of 2018

The Storz & Bickel Mighty (released 2014) and the Arizer SOLO 2 (released 2017) have emerged as two of the most popular vaporizers around for dry herb.

The Mighty has been touted as the best vaporizer and we at To the Cloud Vapor Store still regard it as the #1 vaporizer to own if you could only own one.

The Arizer SOLO 2 on the other hand provides great vapor in an easy to use and intuitive device, with the new low price of  $187.49 being the kicker.

So what makes both these two vaporizers the uber popular in the dry herb vaporizer market ?  

Arizer SOLO 2 and Storz & Bickel Mighty popular vaporizers of 2018

Responsible and Trusted Companies

Storz & Bickel –  The manufacturer of the Mighty Vaporizer  ( and who brought the Volcano to market ) is regarded as the best manufacturer in the space. It’s a brand name you can trust and all their vaporizers are made in their factory in Tuttlingen, Germany. There is no outsourcing to China and no expenses are spared for the quality parts that go into making the Mighty Vaporizer.

Arizer – Makers of the SOLO 2 ,  is yet another example of a trusted name who has been in the vaporizer game for a while. Based in Canada they take a more simplistic approach to making a quality vaporizer.

Both Arizer vaporizers and Storz & Bickel vaporizers were selected by us to reign amongst the healthiest marijuana vaporizers on the market given both companies high quality control standards and inputs used in the construction of their vaporizers.

No Learning Curve

The trend of newly released vaporizers has been going the way of on demand convection vapes. This means that you manually trigger a heating mechanism which sits at a distance away from your herb and inhale. The hot air passing through your herb is what gives off the vapor.

This trend in theory is great as you conserve the most herb only depleting your flower when you are drawing. However for two reasons the vapor you get from on demand convection vaporizers is not as complete as hybrid (convection / conduction) or plain conduction.

The first reason being that with on demand convection vaporizers you need to have  a perfect grind , a long enough triggering of the heating mechanism, a draw that is not too strong but long enough in duration to get sufficient hot air to pass through your herbs – a variable checklist of things before and during your session to ensure optimal vapor production.

FAQ - conduction vs. Convection

The second being that even with all those variables checked off, the plant sitting directly on a heating element is going to provide more vapor.

I have done this test many times where I take spent herb from the Firefly 2 or Haze Square Pro (two on demand convection vaporizers) where I can no longer get vapor out after all my hits and even stirring and repacking. I then put this herb into the Mighty or the Arizer SOLO 2 (which are conduction / convection)  and am able to get another 2-3 draws of vapor out of it. On another tangent the vapor quality of this spent herb is a bit harsh in the SOLO 2 , but smooth as butter in the Mighty. It is reasons like these the Mighty is nearly twice the price of the SOLO 2.

Arizer SOLO 2 loading

The Mighty and the SOLO 2 and press and play vaporizers. You put your ground herb in, turn it on to your desired temperature and inhale. There is no need to monitor breath control, stir and repack your herb or key in on any other nuance. They are easy to use and thus very popular vaporizers. 


The SOLO 2 was originally released at $239 , at this price point the SOLO 2 sold very well. In the summer of 2018 Arizer began a summer sale to reduce the price of their vaporizers 25%. The sale has not ended and we think this new price drop  may be permanent. The SOLO 2 was a good deal for a quality dry herb vaporizer at $239 , at the new price of $187.49 it is even harder to say no to.

While the Mighty is still expensive at $349, when first released it was $449. Through increased competition in the space Storz & Bickel lowered it to $399 and again to $349. It is rumored it can’t get much lower than this with their production costs being very high in Germany  and current global trade hindrances squeezing the margins.

When I compare the two I like to think of the SOLO 2 as something which does the trick. There are no frills or gimmicks , the SOLO 2 is a straight up quality herb vape. It’s a quality car that will last and get you from point A to point B. It’s the best priced seat in coach on a reliable airline where you’re never delayed.

The Mighty on the other hand is vaping in luxury. It’s a first class seat on the same plane where the SOLO 2 sits coach and doesn’t get free drinks and a 5 course meal in a seat that reclines to a bed.

Vapor Quality

The above is a perfect segway into the vapor quality. The vapor of the Arizer  SOLO 2 is very good. Your initial pulls are going to be flavorful and if you pull for more than 6 seconds you can get very thick clouds.

The longer SOLO 2  mouthpiece is my preferred mouthpiece as the extra standoff distance from the heating element cools the vapor that much more before inhaled. The vapor as well remains consistent with the flavor and harshness beginning to shift around the 8th draw.

With the Mighty Vaporizer my vapor experience is amazing from draw 1 to draw 10. One thing constantly boggles my mind about the Mighty is how close the mouthpiece is to the heating element yet every pull is silky and smooth. Even when using a more dried out herb that may not be the highest quality Cali bud, the vapor texture from the Mighty is always fantastic , a step above the SOLO 2 and pretty much all  vaporizers for that matter of fact.

Where one can argue the  SOLO 2 has slight edge in vapor quality will be during the initial 1-2 draws.  Your herb is more exposed and I feel this plays a factor in picking up on greater flavor profiles of the plant. But let there be no mistake about it, the vapor quality from the Mighty, both taste and texture,  is superior with the Mighty throughout the session. The comparison of vapor quality should be weighed against their respective prices to make it a fair fight.

Micro Dosing

microdosing mighty vaporizer

It is no surprise that “Microdosing” has worked its’ way into vape scene vernacular. Vapor enthusiasts not only enjoy the health benefits of vaporizers but also the fact they  permit the use of very small amounts of herb for a less psychoactive feel.

The Arizer SOLO 2 and the Storz & Bickel Mighty have proven to be two of the best vaporizers for micro dosing. They can be used with very small amounts of herb (.03 grams) for 1-3 small hits while extracting the total potential from your plant.

Portability: The Only Drawback

Arizer SOLO 2 and Mighty Portability

This is an area where both these vaporizer will score poorly and one of the few downsides they both possess. (I know the SOLO 2 can’t vape concentrates, but this is about herb vapes 🙂)  You can take them with you to walk your dog or have a session at a backyard Barbecue, but trying to put it in your pocket and catch the bus is going to be a huge nuisance and damn near impossible with the SOLO 2 as the glass mouthpieces are 1.) a liability and 2.) will not retract into the unit.

Don’t get me wrong, both these vaporizers make great hike companions,  but must stored safely in a case, backpack or fanny pack.

The Arizer SOLO 2 and the Mighty by Storz & Bickel

So it’s easy to see why these two vaporizers have claimed the top spots for the most in demand and popular vaporizers of 2018, we see this trend continuing into 2019 given their ease of use, quality build and great vapor quality amongst others.

The Healthiest Marijuana Vaporizers

Marijuana legalization has led to an increase in popularity of cannabis use, and among the many benefits of its growing popularity is a demand for healthier ways to consume herb. When it comes to marijuana use, the method of consumption is the second-most important decision you have to make, right after the bud itself. The first cannabis consumption method most people think of is smoking, but a  myriad health concerns are associated with this method.  As if this weren’t enough, smoking can also result in unsightly and obvious odors that may be difficult to conceal. While the benefits that can be provided by cannabis are numerous, some people are unable to enjoy them due to issues like these.

In search of better cannabis consumption methods, many have turned towards vaporizers. Vaporizers do not present the same health-related risks as smoking, in addition to being easy and discrete. Not every vaporizer is created equal, even when they appear to be comparable at first glance. Depending on the material from which the product is constructed and the manufacturing methods, the safety of a particular vaporizer may be variable. However, there are certain vaporizers that are reliable, provide ease of use, discretion, and health-conscious performance that you want from a cannabis consumption product.

One important fact to remember when you are considering purchasing a weed vaporizer,  is not all types of vaporizers are used in the same way. Some vaporizers require cartridges containing weed-oil or THC concentrate. However, if you are looking for a healthy vaporizer, you’ll want to steer clear of “vape pens” that require cartridges. This is because the methods used to synthesize the oils and concentrate that fuel this type of vaporizer can be questionable. In some instances, the process companies use to convert cannabis into concentrate requires chemicals which can present  another set of hazards to your health.

Fortunately, dry herb vaporizers can provide a method of using cannabis that is considerably safer than alternatives while remaining easy to use and allowing for discrete consumption. With this type of product, the active ingredients of the cannabis itself are vaporized. This method ensures the vapor that the user inhales is almost entirely comprised of cannabinoids. By contrast, if someone were to smoke the cannabis, the combustion of the herb would result in the user inhaling a score of compounds and all the smoke that goes with it.  Furthermore, herb vaporizers allow the user to ensure that there are no dubious chemicals being added to the mix when they enjoy their cannabis. pending they totally trust or grow their own cannabis flowers.

While the dry herb variety of vaporizers provides a healthy option for cannabis consumption, not every product on the market offers the same quality product. A few  of the dry herb vaporizers that bill themselves as healthy are built out of cheaper raw materials which can break down at high temperatures and release toxic materials which can compromise the health of the user. There is also very little oversight concerning the manufacturing  of vaporizers in regions outside Europe and the United States. As a result many of the products which appears to be a  healthy alternative method of using cannabis may not be providing the health-conscious consumption that their marketing suggests.

For those willing to invest  into the selection of a dry herb vaporizer, there are plethora of healthy options available. This shortlist of herb vaporizers features a select few which are amongst the healthiest vaporizers currently on the market


The GHOST MV1 boasts a striking design that will remind you that the twenty-first century has arrived. This vaporizer is comprised of medical grade components, a ceramic chamber, alloy body and metal heat sink with a glass vapor path. The construction and design allows for the rapid cooling of the crucible where the herb is inserted, maximizing efficiency by ensuring the material lasts longer. While the GHOST MV1 works with either dry herb or concentrates, using this vaporizer with dry herb will offer a more healthy cannabis experience. However, it should be noted that the large size and relative heavy weight  of the GHOST MV1 means this vaporizer isn’t the most portable  and will serve best as an at-home vaporizer or around the yard.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Rose Gold

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3. The Cloud Evo by VapeXhale

VapeXhale Cloud evo to the cloud

The Cloud Evo is an easy to use desktop vaporizer that distinguishes itself with an option for an additional level of water filtration, providing an especially smooth experience for the user. The VapeXHale Cloud Evo is manufactured in the USA and a large portion of the unit  is constructed of artisanal borosilicate glass. While the base of this vaporizer isn’t too unwieldy, the glass attachment makes it a more stationary model.

Use Code Vape10 for 10% Off the Cloud Evo

2. Arizer's Portable Lineup

The Arizer portable vaporizers – SOLO 2 , Air 2 and Argo  offer a simple and effective option for those who wish to have a healthy and economical option. Arizer portable vaporizers feature a stainless steel heating element and an all glass vapor path, which ensures that the user is provided with a healthy method of cannabis consumption that entails no external raw material output burnoff. Besides being a healthy and economical vaporizer the Arizer lineup is very easy to use and has no learning curve.

arizer healthy vaporizers for cannabis

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1.) The Classic Volcano by Storz & Bickel

Classic Volcano vaporizer for sale

The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel offers an unparalleled vaping experience. Manufactured in Germany, every herb vaporizer produced by Storz & Bickel is made of top-quality, medical grade materials, thereby ensuring that the user is provided with the  healthiest method of consuming cannabis. While it should be noted that the Volcano Vaporizer is not ideal for portability, this German manufacturer also offers two healthy portable vaporizer options.

The Crafty vaporizer is an easy to use portable model that offers an efficient and healthy vaporizer for those who don’t want their vaporizer use to be limited to the home. The Mighty model is a larger, more powerful version of the more portable Crafty. And the Plenty vaporizer is a handheld desktop vaporizer that utilizes a double helix force and convection heating to give you efficient and thick vapor clouds.

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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer: Useful Techniques for Optimal Results

The Ghost MV1 has proven to be the most promising new vaporizer of 2018 and is sure to be an even a bigger hit heading into 2019. The quality and craftsmanship of this new portable on demand vaporizer make it a must try for any vapor enthusiast. However as on demand convection vaporizers tend to be, the Ghost MV1 does take some practice and requires regular cleaning for optimal vapor results.

Below we will run down the most useful techniques for troubleshooting and getting the most out of your GHOST MV1 and then cover how to clean your Ghost MV1 to ensure endless amazing vapor.

Buy the Ghost MV1 Fast Charger  

Yes at $60 it may seem a tad expensive, but the benefit and time saved is well worth the investment. The Ghost MV1 fast charger cuts down on charge times from several hours with the micro USB to a little under an hour with the fast charger. For those ambitious vaporizer users,   picking up a spare MV1 battery is an excellent choice as well as it permits you to have one battery always on the fast charger and one locked and loaded in your Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

Furthermore when your Ghost MV1 arrives it requires you to fully charge the battery  before first use. To calibrate the high capacity battery pack Ghost asks you to charge overnight if only using the USB cable. With the fast charger this wait is significantly minimized.

ghost mv1 fast charger and ghost mv1

Get Familiar With Your Ghost MV1

A vaporizer with this many moving parts will require you to read the instructions. It is not something like a PAX 3 where you can more of less pop it out of the box and figure it out on the fly.

We recommend practicing unlatching the crucible door and removing the crucible and top screen. The crucible door may seem a bit snug at first but after a few times closing and unlatching the flow becomes like clockwork. Some other steps you can take would be playing around with the home button to power the device on and off and switch manually between temperature settings and disassembling the heat sink and mouthpiece apertures. Take it apart and put it back together so you can get a better understanding how the Ghost MV1 operates.

dissasembling the GHOST MV1

Sync the Ghost MV1 With your Smartphone

This may seem like a no brainer, but we do get customers calling all the time with issues as to why their vaporizer, like the Firefly 2, is not pumping out vapor to the extent they see in the Vape Critic’s Videos. Syncing any bluetooth vaporizer is important to make sure you are getting the most out of your device’s controls and that any recent firmware updates are installed.

synce your ghost mv1 with your smartphone

Grinding and Packing your Herb

As with all on demand convection vaporizers, airflow through the herb is very important. Finding a good grind is a balancing act. You want to maximize the surface area of your plants that come in contact with the hot air, but do not want to grind so fine that small particles clog up air pathways. A medium grind  packed not too tight, not too loose into the crucible will work best. Packing the crucible full will in this method will yield the best results.

Seat the Heat Sink

One of my initial issues with the Ghost MV1 happened to be the heat sink. I would retract the mouthpiece for my session and unknowingly create a space between the heat sink and the Ghost MV1’s main body.

All that needs to be done to mitigate this issue is pushing down the heat sink before you are ready to draw.

Mouthpiece Length Matters

You would think there is not much difference between having the glass mouthpiece drawn out ¼ the way or ¾ the way. That could not be further from the truth. There is a sweet spot that enhances airflow when you have the Ghost MV1’s glass mouthpiece around ¾ out. Here you are going to get the best hits and feel absolutely 0 draw resistance.

Ghost MV1 mouthpiece

Mastering the Home Button

If you do ever find yourself hitting your home button three times fast and your MV1 will not turn on, remove the battery, put it back on and try again. If this problem persists hit the home button three times in much slower succession.

 The Best Draw

If you have the preceding steps checked off and your Ghost MV1 is clean as a whistle the intensity of your draw will not be a huge factor in getting great vapor. With a freshly cleaned MV1 that is fully packed I can draw fast like I am attempting to finish a joint in one fail swoop or mild and slow. What matters most for the draw  is duration. To get the best draws out of your MV1 a pull of 5+ seconds is needed.

After being a regular user of the Ghost MV1 for almost a year now I can say it is in my list of top 5 herb vaporizers. The Ghost MV1 sets itself apart in an increasingly competitive market by offering quality which does not cut corners for the sake of beating the competition on price.


We are convinced that the Ghost MV1 will provide excellent results for you as well if you follow the simple steps above to lessen the learning curve.

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